Question for those residing in the Bay Area...

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Question for those residing in the Bay Area...

So let's see here...

- San Fransisco Giants win the 2012 World Series
- San Fransisco 49ers are in the Super Bowl
- Golden State Warriors are sitting at 5th in the West over .600

Are you guys enjoying this moment?

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I don't live in SF but I love

I don't live in SF but I love the Giants and Warriors. Great year. My dad loved 1969 when the Mets won the WS, Jets won the SB, and the Knicks won too.

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Hell Yeah!!!! I grew up

Hell Yeah!!!!

I grew up watching the Giants for 7 dismal years until we won it all in 2010. We had 8 years of futility for the 49ers until last season, and other than the 2007 We Believe team(which was absolutely crazy, I was only 10 and I was absolutely pumped), none of our teams made the playoffs for about 8 years.

As much as I love all sports, I want to see my Dubs go far, I really want to see them do really well.

One thing I noticed, there are so many bandwagoners for the Giants, so many for the Dubs, but to be honest it seems pretty legit for the 49ers.

But this is still nothing compared to Boston Sports from 2007-2008, they won two tittles and made the championships in the other one.

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i wouldn't say the giants had

i wouldn't say the giants had dismal years. You guys got to see the most exciting player in baseball since Ken Griffey with barry bonds. It could be worse. You can be a fan of a team in Cleveland or a Philadelphia sports fan. Other then the phillies in 08, we havn't had a championship since 83. But I did get to see AI play for 10 years.

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