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Question for older users

Watching the cavs hornets game and saw Shaun Livingston come into the game. Now I know he got hurt real bad but before that Injury how good was he? A 6'7 pg or was he more of a wing? Also same question for dajuan wagner

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Livingston was a pure PG and

Livingston was a pure PG and he got alot of burn behind Sam Cassel for the Clippers. Guy would have been an All-Star if he hadnt gotten injured.. Terrific defender, great at getting to the paint, and really knew how to pass the ball.. Never had much of a jumper.

I didnt pay much attention to Wagner..

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Can't help you with Wagner,

Can't help you with Wagner, but Livingston was a stud. Was a favorite of mine before he got hurt. That was one of the worst injuries if not the worst I have ever seen. Still hurts everytime I watch it.

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I dint think Wagner was ever

I dint think Wagner was ever gonna do too much in the league. He wasn't a good shooter from deep and didn't really do anything other then go one on one. As for Livingston, really just too early to tell. He was defenitly a pg and not a wing. But he was still all about potential and it came to end before anyone could say for sure how good he would have been.

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Shaun Livingston was a pure

Shaun Livingston was a pure PG because of his ball handlings and passing ability plus he had a completely terrible jump shot coming out of high school. Michael Carter Williams reminds me of a young Livingston.

Dejuan Wagner was a beast. He was the first in a line of Coach Cal combo guards that picked back up with Rose and Evans in Memphis. Wagner could score from anywhere on the floor and absolutely fearless. He lacked true shooting guard height but was super strong, quick, and could get his shot off whenever he wanted. Dion Waiters is built and plays very similar to Wagner.

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Didn't know watching Livingston or Wagner made me "older"... The years are sneaking up on me! Shaun was a pure PG with a turrible jumper. As Mr. 19134 said, MCW is a great example, except that Livingston was far taller, even skinnier and had better instincts (BBall IQ) than MCW, while MCW has a better J at this point, such as it is.

Wagner was fun to watch. Growing up in Jersey, he was all the rage. When he dropped his 100 point game that was all the Star Ledger was talking about. He was a true combo guard whose hype led people to believe he was more than a Juan Dixon type scoring combo... he wasn't. Injuries and illness kept us from seeing these two at their best, but neither would have been world beaters, IMHO.

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Most of the guys nailed it already

Livingston was a pure point guard in the sense that, the better players he had around him the better he played. He was unselfish, almost to a fault. He is similar in playing style to Rondo. Rondo with Pierce, Garnette and Allen made him a beast because he wanted to share the rock. Put him on a terrible team and he would still be good, but not as good.

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As everyone was saying

As everyone was saying Livingston was a pure PG. He had just turned the corner coming into his own to bud into a star, but never was consistent. I remember watching the injury happen live. I was one of few people in the country watching a Bobcats Clippers game in 2007. And the fact that I remember Livingtston play makes me old makes me laugh haha

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Could have been

Wagner was a bust. Becuase of attitude
Livingston was pure. But still undefined. I think he would have been a multi time allstar

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Wagner didn't live up to the

Wagner didn't live up to the expectations in his first two years in Cleveland for shure but he really had serious healt problems very early:

Source Wiki:
'Wagner was hampered by injuries and health problems thereafter. He averaged a career low 4.0 points in only 11 games played during the 2004-05 season, and was hospitalized for ulcerative colitis. The Cavaliers did not exercise their option on his contract for the 2005-06 season and subsequently Wagner was out of the league.

His colitis condition was not amenable to medication and, after consulting with New York Knicks head coach Larry Brown, who referred him to a New York medical expert, Wagner underwent surgery to remove his entire colon on October 25, 2005 at Mount Sinai Hospital.'

He tried a few combacks and tried playing overseas. But by no means he was a bust due to his Health issues. A friend of mine also has collitis and this is one of the ugliest illness I know. The is flat out no cure and live quality will only get worse.

I really feel sorry for Wagner even more than I feel for Livingston who at least had a chance to have some kind of a career. But this doesn't mean the injury he suffered wasn't one of the worst I've ever seen.

Btw, thank the creator of this for making me feel old...

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My bad

In my old age i remembed some of the facts wrong. Lol it happens to us older users

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