Prospect Comparisons

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Prospect Comparisons

These prospect comparisons are quite outlandish. It might just be the source of some of the articles I read or just people excited for the next great player. I am really blown away with Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker getting compared to Lebron James. These guys in no way play like Lebron or are even built like the guy. What makes Lebron so special is his size along with his build. This guy moves like a super athletic guard with the size of a MLB. Wiggins is way to skinny to be compared to Lebron right now he should be compared more to Mcgrady, Paul George, and worst Case Gerald Green. I wonder what Gerald Green would be rated if he came out this year. He could light it up from three and was just as athletic. Lets cool the Lebron talk though until a guy can match the size and athleticism with the skill, he's not even close to the next Lebron.

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Eh, it happens all the time. We just make sure to take these predictions with a grain of salt.

Remember when Adam Morrison was compared to Larry Bird? Yeah, me too.

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Wiggins- Dominique

Wiggins- Dominique Wilkins
Parker- James Worthy
Randle- Barkley
Smart- Tyreke Evans
Exum- ?

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