Pros and Cons to Wiggins going to Kentucky

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Pros and Cons to Wiggins going to Kentucky

People prob aren't going to like the topic but I think Andrew wiggins could have some positives. The highly talked about recruit has a decision to make coming up soon and there is much anticipation about where he will go. I'll just name a couple of things I think are pros and cons.
pros: being on a team so stacked and with so many players it will give wiggins some excellent time to practice with the best and really gone his skills. Also any holes in his game won't be as visible as they would if he was the main star and key focus on a team. He wouldn't have to say guard the best player or handle the ball as much because he basically has all star teammates who can do that. Another pro is that he would be well rested on such a deep team.

cons: obviously being on such a talented team means that he will only get so many shots and oppurtunities to make his impact on the game scoring wise. If be interested to see how coach cal uses wiggins in his offense. I think other top players at other programs could possibly interrupt wiggins 1st pick potential because of the lack of stats he's bound to get.

Anyway help me out what do y'all have?

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I agree with your pros.But in

I agree with your pros.But in my opinion,college is supposed to prepare people for their future jobs,regardless if its engineering or nba player.I highly doubt he falls out of the top 3,and he will thus have to be the main option in a bad team,possibly very bad if hes the top pick.Going to Kentucky,he probably wont get the opportunity to be a main option,and to deal with adversities and losses...
With that said,I hope he doesnt listen to media,and does whats best for him and his fam.

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For people like andrew

For people like andrew wiggins, education has no factor...he was born to play ball. him going to college to get an education is like going to the car wash to use the soda machine..NO you go there to get your car washed lol..the kid is a ballplayer and is going to the nba after next season no matter what so its all about ball

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I read that his brother said

I read that his brother said he thinks Kentucky is a Bad Fit for Andrew....

But if he's looking to get a title in his only year in college then Kentucky might be the best place to go....He has nothing to lose by going there..Even with a loaded roster and guys like Poytress returning..Wiggins still should get about 25 minutes a game...And Scouts already no what he's capable of doing...

But if he wants to have great stats and win the NCAA College Player of the Year Award then he should go some place else...

Where ever he decides to go he's going to be a joy to watch......

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He's going to be the #1 pick

He's going to be the #1 pick wherever he goes. His college choice won't change that.

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I feel

I feel he should go somewhere where he could be the top option everynighht. It will help him get used to being a top option because regardless where he goes be will be the top pick and a lot will be expected pretty fast so the experience of having to carry a team should help him. IMO

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Cons outweigh Pros

Wiggins would not get the amount of playing time that he would need in Kentucky. There are people at Kentucky who already play his position and honestly there would be a sliver of a chance that he would not even start! The reason is Alex Poythress coming back would possibly start at SF with Julius Randle at PF.... But obviously Wiggins could start over either, and would eventually take over the starting role at either position.

Wiggins would definitely not get the chance to develop and display his offensive arsenal with so many other threats who need the ball on that team. I do like the idea of him practicing against the best, because that would definitely help him progress.

I think he is better suited for North Carolina, Kansas, or Florida State (his top 3 choices other than Kentucy in the order of my preference).
I am not only thinking of him individually, I am thinking about the potential of a team that he joins. I think that if he joined UNC, the ceiling with their returning roster, would be higher then if he joined any other team.

That team could really become and offensive juggernaut with Marcus Paige, Reggie Bullock, P.J. Hairston, and Wiggins.

Also, let's keep the parity in college basketball. Kentucky is like the Miami Heat x10. Top prospects coming out of high school should want to be the man.

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Florida State

I still think he ends up in Tallahassee.

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Has there been an official

Has there been an official date when he will actually announce where he is going?

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Andrew Wiggins could average

Andrew Wiggins could average 13 points a game while shooting 43% from the field and he'd still go top-3.

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I want the rock

If I'm Andrew Wiggins I want the ball in my hands and would rather beat Kentucky then be a part of it. I think he's too good to let Kentucky, NC or Kansas force him to play a role. He's going to FSU.

However, he should have announced this much earlier, so he could take a few blue chippers with him.

I don't understand why he waited, unless he's truly undecided.

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I think UNC is the perfect

I think UNC is the perfect school for him. They have a good shooters to space the floor around him, a pass-first pg, and offer him the opportunity to face-off with Jabari Parker. UNC should also be a pretty good team with him. UNC also generally runs a pretty up-tempo offense, which is ideal for a slashing wing. He would also perhaps get some time at the 4, likely, which would further assist him in showing off his athleticism.

Kentucky probably is the second choice, though, because he could really compete in practice and would be able to play on a team proven for producing pro prospects.

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Is Florida State even going

Is Florida State even going to be the terrible team everyone assumes of them, next season? I have seen multiple posts saying they're not even a final four calibre team even if Wiggins attends, but that roster is still geared to be very effective with him as the main option. Good shooters, ball handlers at the guard spots, and bangers down low. He'll have to show show out in the high post and slashing from the wing, his two strengths, and two things that Florida St, really needs to be an elite team.

My vote, FSU...if not that Wichita ;)

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@BasketballJunkie224 bball


bball is not only about bball... cause players are also men. Education is a major factor.

Education helps to mature faster and be more effective on the court... cause if you want to be the best (and wiggins could be) you have to possess other skills than just those related to basket. Every nba player is talented... but not all of them have the mental tools and work ethic to be the best.

Whatever happens Wiggins should become a really good player... could he become great ? the answer is on everything he could learn thanks to education. Education helps you not to waste your talent and to develop your skills (even bball ones) cause Work is a word you understand and value.

the choice of the university is very important and the "education" part is also cause it gives you the extra thing that make the difference.

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If he goes to Kentucky and

If he goes to Kentucky and has to play more a team role then this could help him for when he gets to the NBA as he could well have good team mates either veterans or other highly drafted players who will want their shots and the ball in their hands. I would figure it would be easier to tell a returning Soph or another rookie that they play a lesser role than a 20ppg NBA player.

Personally I hope Wiggins does go elsewhere as UK already have a great class for next year and Wiggins going elsewhere gives another team a huge lift.

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Kansas may have the lowest

Kansas may have the lowest percentage chance of getting him, but I think they'd actually be the best fit. They are losing their entire starting 5, so Wiggins could absolutely step in and be the no doubt leader of the team, However, he would be well coached by Self, and Self always finds a way to mature players who were playing minimally or not at all into being decent role players. I think if he goes there, he wouldn't have to worry about the crowdedness of a team like UK, or even UNC, and wouldn't have to worry about going to mediocre basketball program like FSU.

And can he please decide lol? How long is he going to wait?

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I dislike the fact that

I dislike the fact that people keep bringing up the opportunity to practice with good players as a reason for the best player in the country to hop on the Big Blue bandwagon. I say forget that; compete against the best players, don't join them if you don't have to...

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Yeah don't join the best like

Yeah don't join the best like Lebron did and end up winning a title ad a MVP. Also yeah don't play with other good players and hurt you're stats because then you might slip in the draft just Anthony Davis and MKG due to their average stats. But seriously he doesn't have to go be the man in order to get better or go number one. At UK he can not only win a title and make history but get better in practice by going against NBA players nightly. If he wants to go to a school put up big numbers while punishing back ups in practice without ever really having to go hard then he should pick another school, but you get better by going extra hard in practice and you do that by going against other very good players and Wiggins does have issues with always going hard

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I just don't think UNC is a good fit. Roy Williams has proved that he doesn't exactly coach talented wing players well. Look what he did with Harrison Barnes. They guy should have been waayyyy better at Carolina than he was and Roy didn't exactly run a good offense to really showcase his skills. I still don't understand how unC didn't win a title with Barnes zeller and Marshall last year

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Maybe cuz Marshall got

Maybe cuz Marshall got injured in the flipping tourney and Strickland was injured therefore they started a 2 star third string PG their last two games of the tourney?

Wiggins at the 4 at UNC with PJ and Reggie at the wings would be unstoppable. PJ and Reggie would give him a ton of space to operate and he would drag slow 4's out on the perimeter and just dribble around them. The reason Barnes didn't do well is cuz he did not have space while UNC started basically two C's with Zeller and Henson. But if those two hadn't started together then people would call Roy retarded for not starting those two together. It was the most logical lineup. The only player that really complemeted Barnes was Marshall. At UNC Wiggins would have Paige, Mcdonald, PJ, and Reggie which would all complement AW really well.

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