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I know most of us made many predictions in these forums at the start of the season, and I would like to know who's predictions were really good and who's were really bad. I was wondering if someone had an easy way to pull up these old forums so we can see who has the basketball knowledge. Thanks!

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I predicted the Heat to

I predicted the Heat to dominate boy was I wrong. Also predicted the Pacers to be one of the worst NBA teams and they made 8th.

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I had the Cavs in the playoffs.

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I know that a lot of people

I know that a lot of people had NY at about 42-40 for this year so we got fairly close with that. I wonder if anyone had Philly in the play offs at the start of the season as that would have been a shock and Chicago to be the leadng team out East also wasn't obvious.

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I predicted Rose for MVP and

I predicted Rose for MVP and boy did I get a lot of hate. I can even pull the thread if you'd like.

I also said Dorrell Wright could be a 16-6 kind of guy as a starter, and again a lot of hate.

I also said Beasley could average 20ppg on the right team.

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Good: 1.Said the Spurs would

Good: 1.Said the Spurs would finish with the best record in the NBA 2. Had Kevin Love leading the league in rebounding 3. Said the Cavs would suck really bad

Bad: 1.Said Bargnani would be an all-star a- and average 25 and 10... close with the scoring but boy was I wrong about the rebounding 2. Said the Hawks would be top three and the Bulls would be in the lower half of playoff teams, at the very best a 5 seed. 3. Had my Wizards in as the eight seed......

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i said the bucks would be a

i said the bucks would be a top 5 team in the east.....

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I had the Suns firmly in the playoffs...

just like I always do.

I love Steve a grandson.

Except I don't have man-crushes on my grandsons

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I predicted Dwight Howard to

I predicted Dwight Howard to be MVP and Defensive POY and Blake Griffin to be rookie of the year. I also predicted the Celtics to win the title, but after that Perkins trade....I have a feeling that prediction is going down the tubes.

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Did not make them on this

Did not make them on this forum, but I predicted the Hawks to take a step back because of horrible management firing a coach that did nothing wrong then hiring his assistant to save money. Boy was I correct.

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i said before the season that

i said before the season that the sixers would make the playoffs. Then when they got off to a terrible start in november( 3-13 at one point) i stuck with it saying they would still make the playoffs and a few users on here who i will leave nameless said no way in hell they make th eplayoffs.

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