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by seasons end, steven adams will be the starting center for the thunder.

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Season's end seems a bit

Season's end seems a bit conservative

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Maybe sooner than that,

Maybe sooner than that, Perkins is turrible

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I'm personally calling by

I'm personally predicting that he'll be starting by christmas, but that may be my optimism as a New Zealander showing. However, for this to happen Brooks will have to show some flexibility with his lineup. As he's a coach who likes to stick with his starting 5 to the bitter end that may pose a problem.

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I could see it, Ive been

I could see it, Ive been pretty surprised with how well hes played in the preseason.

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What about using Steven Adams

What about using Steven Adams as their sixth man? He could sub in for either Perkins or Ibaka. They could go with Adams and Nick Collison off the bench inside. They don't have a James Harden any more or even a Kevin Martin, so they need to bring some talent off the bench. At least until Russell Westbrook gets back and they can use Reggie Jackson as the 6th man.

Right now, they can bring Adams and Collison off the bench with Jeremy Lamb as their scorer for the 2nd unit.

By the end of the year they could have a second unit of Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones, Nick Collison, and Steven Adams. That would be fun to watch.

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As much as I like the idea of

As much as I like the idea of bringing in Adams early as I think he is a really smart young big I highly doubt Brooks will do this. I believe the Thunder starting lineup is one of the most consistend over the last years. Since Perk was brought in the never changed the lineup when they all have been healthy. Harden was 6th man, K-Mart was 6th man and now Reggie Jackson will slip in for Russ.

Adams is still very raw but 15-18 minutes should be realistic to get 5 and 4 this year. If and that's a big if Brooks makes changes Collison will be in the starting lineup. That doesn't mean I like this but I highly doubt Brooks will bring Perk of the bench where he will hurt them even more with less talented offensive players.

Adams is strong as an ox, very mobile and smart, can play above the rim when needed and should be good as a trailer on the break. I still like the pick but Adams won't see a starting player this year unless Perk is injured or Collison or Ibaka are hurt.

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