POYs from horrible teams

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POYs from horrible teams

What's up with these Conference POY awards going to players on horrible teams (Erick Green, KC Pope). What happened to awarding winners who made their teams better?

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It's kind of hard to go

It's kind of hard to go against Erick Green being a first teamer because he led the NCAA's in scoring, just saying. KC Pope yeah I could see your argument but not Green.

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It is a bit too bad in the ACC

Green had an amazing season, but I feel like Mason Plumlee, Shane Larkin or Joe Harris might have been better choices. Erick Green was the nations leading scorer and lets face it, before ACC season he was carrying this team. Tend to believe these awards have a lot to do with ACC play, but the guy was stellar there too.

For the SEC, will say that this conference just had a genuinely bad year. Kenny Boynton, Flip Pressey and Marshall Henderson shot under 40% FG, no one from Kentucky was deserving (especially once Nerlens got hurt), Laurence Bowers got hurt and other bigs were slightly flawed. Guess Caldwell-Pope got the benefit of the doubt due to the fact that his team was awful. He averaged almost 7 rpg and averaged almost 10 ppg more than the next highest scorer.

With the ACC, I could understand the surprise regarding Green as their were a good amount of derserving candidates. However, in the SEC, no one from Florida really stood out as truly deserving, that team is deep and more of a balanced effort. Missouri and Kentucky had their best candidates miss a number of games (Noel and Bowers, respectively), plus it is hard to argue too much for the other teams led by one dimensional players who had more help than Kentavious (Alabama, Ole Miss and Tennessee).

What I will say is, I rarely have a problem with the award going to the best player. I don't think you can say that the other ACC candidates were much better players than Erick Green. Do not think you can really do that. Would Shane Larkin or Joe Harris have done more for Va-Tech than Green did? You could argue Mason Plumlee might have been a big impact guy, just also think he had his bumps in conference play after getting off to a really hot start.

Just wanted to state some possible reasons. Feel winning is incredibly important and maybe would have gone with Plumlee over Green in the ACC, just do not always think the player of the year needs to go to the best teams best player. Their are extenuating circumstances and in the SEC, when you look at it, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is really not a bad choice. I think they did award people who made their teams better, even if those teams were not necessarily contenders to begin with.

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KCP had to do almost everything for Georgia, in college their aren't going to be LeBron James' everywhere. He tried to help his team, and in relativity to Erick Green, he led the Nation in scoring, what more could you say?

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