Possible landing spot for IT next season

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Possible landing spot for IT next season

Just curious, but does anybody else think that Detroit could be a possible landing spot for IT next season? I know the Pistons cap space is extremely limited... but if they somehow could get off some guaranteed money I kind of like the fit for him there.

Anybody else think there would be mutual interest between the two of them?

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It's funny, when I read this

It's funny, when I read this post I assumed the same thing. Thomas would be idea for Detroit. I believe that IF svg (either in coaching or GM role) is still with the pistons he will try to make space, and grab him. It is possible assuming the they part ways with Jackson and/or preferably Drummond) via sign in trade (with the lakers?) There for it clears space for him. It wouldn't do to much damage to detroit's front line considering Drummond and Griffin are basically the same type of player. It also, gives Detroit two guaranteed, go-to 20PPG scorers, and allows for Blake to be the facilitator from the top of the key, and Thomas to be the primary scorer. The lakers have the cap space they can take on Drummonds salary, and another pistons player for Thomas and maybe Randle in return. Allows drummond to play on the "big stage" and should mesh well with Lonzo, with his pass first mentality (and covers up shooting defeciencies)...

That just leave Jackson. SVG would have to find another taker for his contract. which wouldn't be THAT bad because he has a remaining two years left. Maybe the Orlando magic will take him. Earlier this season the Magics offered E. Fournier and Herzonja (before he started to show improvement) for Jackson but because jackson was injured the deal didn't go through. They could rebuff that trade scenario over the summer, while finding a suitable replacement for drummond either via draft, trade or signing

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I see him staying in LA but

I see him staying in LA but playing for the clippers. I don’t think a lot of people out there are going to be offering max money.

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SVG and IT would clash!! I

SVG and IT would clash!! I see him back in PHX or Orlando.

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I can't see him going back to

I can't see him going back to the Suns. IT had been very vocal the last couple years about his dislike for the organization.

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He told ESPN's Cari Champion

He told ESPN's Cari Champion earlier this week that he Intends to resign with the Lakers. Maybe Thomas only said that Becuz Cari's a diehard Lakers fan. And he wanted to keep the interview light. But it appears Thomas has upset people in LA . Reports say he and Kuzma got into a profanity laden shouting match during practice a few weeks ago. And every1 say him and Randle had to be separated during a timeout. Thomas said he's trying to show leadership. But I wouldn't call it leadership when you're not saying something constructive, but instead saying things that pi$$ folks off. I think a team like the Wizards would be a good fit. Teams like the Bulls,Clippers, Pacers might have interest. Or Rockets if Paul leaves.

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Grizzlies if they are trying

Grizzlies if they are trying to move the team.

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Going to Lithuania with the

Going to Lithuania with the Balls to create the greatest trio of basketball talent ever assembled.

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Detroit seems like a

Detroit seems like a basketball fit but you have to realise that that means IT would have to want to live in Detroit. It's a big deal. There's 28 different cities (LA and NY have 2 each) and sorry to those from the Motor City, but it's gotta be bottom three on the list to bring a family. It's full of crime and is about as cold as the north pole. Other places are not only nicer with better weather, they have better taxes and there are bigger markets. I'm not saying he won't go there, I'm saying it's surprise me though.

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If Ish had been a free agent

If Ish had been a free agent last summer he'd have got a blockbuster deal from some team. He has been unlucky with injuries this season so what his value is I don't know. He will be looking for a big deal as it could be his last chance to get that mega deal. I do wonder if he might even look for a good one year deal like KCP and JJ Reddick got this season to put him back in the shop window for next summer.

He could get some interesting offers to be a great 6th man but would need to be a very good offer to tempt him IMO as he probably still sees himself as a starter.

If he was happy to be a super 6th man then Philly could be an option, he'd be a great leader of the 2nd unit and if they had to chase a game they could use him in a smallball option alongside Fultz with Simmons playing as point forward.

The Kings have a load of cap space, a very young roster and their 2019 pick has gone. So might they make a run at him but with Fox in situ as starting PG, it could be a bench role though.

The Lakers may actually have interest in keeping him once they have tried to sign a load of top FAs but would be wait and again it's a bench role.

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Clippers need a point guard

I.T. would be a nice fit in L.A. but daddy doc will keep them from anymoves that might replace his son as a starter.

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Depends on what he does for your team:

Personally I don't like his playstyle he reminds me too much of Monta Ellis: By this I mean He will score a lot but it won't be efficient and his defense will be trash...I also personally believe you won't win a ring with him starting on you team either...

So in saying that as a starter I see no-one offering him that gig...As he is not a starter in this league if you want to win a ring. If you want to tank then I could see a team giving him the start.

However as a 6th man there is a few teams I could see wanting him:

The Pelicans-If rondo moves on. As he would give their bench some more scoring that they currently lack.

Pistons- This is solely on if they move one of Reggie or Ish though..

Mavericks-Would get mins due to DSjr having knee issues quite frequently(my guess is swelling in that knee of his)

Nuggets as Malone has worked with him before and I think he did ok under him also..

Bucks need all the scoring they can get but it depends on if Bledsoe and he can work together or not as tht sort of failed with the suns.

Memphis if Tyreeke evans bails on the team...

Wizards as they need all the scoring they can get as they are like OKC once the starters go out they sort of struggle...

The lakers are sort of meh move by both sides: Meh for the Lakers if they miss out on all the F.A's I could see them giving him 1 or 2 year deal or the same if the didn't..and Meh for I.T as they probably won't start him or be a serious contender if they miss out on the Big names..

Celtics if they fully believe they can somehow get him to buy into a bench role but I don't know if they would do it or if he would handle being Kyries sub..

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