Popeye Jones son...Seth Jones...Lock for Top 3 Draft Pick

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Popeye Jones son...Seth Jones...Lock for Top 3 Draft Pick

In hockey though...DOH!!!

I'm not sure how many hockey fans are on the site, but I'm guessing there's not too many. It never hurts to learn about new things though.

There might be some debate, but in my opinion basketball produces the best athletes of the four major sports (basketball, football, baseball, hockey). I mean, you could take LeBron right now and slide him in at tight end on an NFL team, and he would probably produce right away. There's NO football player that could step in the NBA tomorrow and start ballin'.

It's always been assumed that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports. I've actually faced a 90 mph fastball before, and, there might be some truth to that.

Which brings us to hockey. The problem with hockey (as far as entertainment reasons) it's just too fast for television, but if you ever go to a game live, it's actually quite exciting. Also, of the four major sports, hockey players are probably the toughest. I've heard of players being shot, hit by cars, and breaking limbs, but they still played the same day (SMH)

If the 2013 NHL Draft plays out the way it's suppose to, and Seth Jones is selected either #1 or #2, he'll become the highest player with black African decent to be drafted into the league. Since the NHL has so few stars that are black as well as American, Seth Jones has a chance to become the leagues biggest star, assuming he plays the way people think he will.

The fact he's the son of an NBA baller is actually more eye opening. Basketball and hockey couldn't be more different, but Seth began to play the game when Popeye was in Denver with the Nuggets. Whether you like hockey or not, Seth's story is pretty interesting...and since his father is Popeye, you already know he's going to be strong to the finish...cuz he eats his spinach!


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I wonder if he's just as ugly

I wonder if he's just as ugly

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Ha ha ha, Please tell me he

Ha ha ha,
Please tell me he did this on purpose! Lmfao

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hahahaha I watched this a few

hahahaha I watched this a few times wondering why a video of Rick Carlisle was posted then I checked the background. He actually looks like Smeagle off Lords of the Rings

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