Please Update the 2011 Class Rankings!!!!!!!

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Please Update the 2011 Class Rankings!!!!!!!

It is sad that it hasn't been updated since December and it is a sad list to begin with. Kalin Lucas of MSU was the Big Ten POY in a conference with 5 sophomores on the 1st team so I expect to see that many Big Ten names but lets look at your rankings, Big Ten wise:
16. Evan Turner, OSU
17. Mannry Harris- UM
20 JuJuan Johnson- PUR
24 E'Twan Moore- PUR
25 Robbie Hummel PUR
33 Dallas Lauderdale, OSU
39 Chris Allen, MSU
40 KALIN LUCAS- He appears
41 Durrel Summers- MSU
46 Jon Leuer, WISC
49 Rob Diebler, OSU

It is great to see 11 of the top 50 ranked sophomores being from the Big Ten but please update this horrid order. You have the POY, 8 of 11 behind his role player teammate and one spot ahead of his other role player tournament. Make a few drastic changes and you are good though. To make it simple, Re-Order:
40,17,16,20,24,25,41,39,46,49,33. That is more realistic.

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kalin lucas

Ty lawson made him cry earlier in the season. Anybody else see that? He was literally crying on the bench when the best team in the big 10 got owned in detroit by almost 40.

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Talor Battle?

No mention of him on that list. Come to think of it, no mention of him on this site. This is a travesty.

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