Playoff Pickum Results!

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Playoff Pickum Results!

Hey everybody, sorry for the delay but it's been a busy time! Luckily, it's kind of a lull in NBA land right now, so at least this will break it up a bit. The picks for this year can be seen here:

1st Place: kyle.jorundsong with 34 points. Only guessed 1 series winner incorrectly (the Clippers in the first round). Also nailed the NBA final with Warriors in 5.

2nd Place: mamadou with 31 points. A close second.

3rd Place: Joacoddr with 29 total points. Having Toronto over Cleveland cost you the title.

The Mega Loser Award goes to OhCanada who had 17 total points (the next worst was 23). But that's what you get when you choose a San Antonio vs. Toronto final. Bold picks can result in bad losses.

Thanks for playing, and hopefully see you around next year!

COMING SOON: The 5th Annual Season Prediction game. Stay tuned!

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