Playoff Pickum Results

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Playoff Pickum Results

Hey everybody, sorry for the delay but it's been a busy time! I know everyone is all caught up in the draft and all, but I'd like to throw in the results from the annual Playoff Pickum game. The picks can be seen here:

1st Place: Toronto16 with 33 points. Only guessed 2 series winners incorrectly (Charlotte and the Clippers in the first round). I hope you are a gambling man as you always seem to be in the top of all my prediction games.. Good job you!

2nd Place: DC Fraz with 31 points. Close but no cigar. Miami and the Spurs kinda let you down in the second round.

3rd Place: Triple tie between BallCity1, kerrst and I May Be Wrong with 30 total points. BallCity1 and kerrst had the highest totals without having the correct champions (both guessed Golden State).

The Mega Loser Awards go to Inside Scoop and faithnomuz who had 14 and 15 total points, irrespectively. Both had the Spurs going far (which was a common mistake) but come on. Toronto into in the finals and winning it all! There goes your street cred.

Also, I'm quite happy that Golden State didn't win because that would have been a pain to sort out as there was going to be a bunch of people tied for first and such.

COMING SOON: The 4th Annual Season Prediction game. Stay tuned!

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Thanks for running it! Yeah I

Thanks for running it! Yeah I did a job this time around

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