Playoff Pickum Results

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Playoff Pickum Results

Sorry for the delay in the results for this game, been busy at work. To know what the game was all about, follow this link:

We had a pretty close finish, with a tie for first place and the next 3 people within 3 points of the winners. So the top 5 finishers were:

1st Place: Don't take me for Grant Hill and King Calucha who each had 30 points. They passed everyone in the last round by having the Warriors win in 6 games.

3rd Place: B-ball fan with 29 points. Close but no cigar.

4th Place: myself, Dmo21. Would have won it all if the finals went to game 7.... So close!

5th Place: Cheetosjalapeno17 with 27 points rounds up the very tight top 5 (6th place had 22 points).

Now for some notable losers and why they lost:

The great OhCanada had only 15 points from putting in too much trust with Toronto and Memphis (had Memphis winning it all).

ThunderHog35 also went on the Grizzly train, but also had Atlanta in the finals to face them. That mistake results in a grand total of 11 points..

Last (litterally) but not least, we have the Windy City Assassin himself. He garnered a mere 10 points. But that's what you get when you predict a Washington-Dallas final. Like seriously? haha

Hope to see you all next year.

I also do a game similar to this for the regular season (this will be the 3rd year). So check the forum 1-2 weeks before the season starts and get your picks in!

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