Playing out of position

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Playing out of position

Active players with 5 seasons or more in the league that have been playing out of position majority of their careers.

Lance Stephenson SF/SG - PG

Thaddeus Young PF - SF

Stephen Curry PG - SG

Mario Chalmers PG - SG

Tyreke Evans SG/SF - PG

Jrue Holiday PG - SG

Jerryd Bayless PG - SG

Evan Turner SF/SG - PG

Russell Westbrook PG - SG

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This is the era of

This is the era of positionless basketball and the idea of neatly placing guys in one designated positional category is extremely antiquated. There are guys like lebron and giannis that literally play all 5 positions on the court throughout the course of a game.

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