Players who you thought would be busts

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Players who you thought would be busts

I thought that Charlie V, Rudy Gay, Kevin Love, and Brandon Rush would not be nearly as good as they became. Who became better than you thought they would be.

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westbrook, bargani and beasly

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OJ Mayo.. I ALWAYS thought he

OJ Mayo.. I ALWAYS thought he was overhyped.. I was wrong.

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Jrue Holiday. He's already

Jrue Holiday. He's already better than I thought he'd be lol.

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i have to go old school on

i have to go old school on y'all and say Brad Daugherty..If u' had seen him at Carolina..All he did was put in other guys missed shots...I guess i was too young to know what was really happening..

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Joakim Noah, Eric Gordon,

Joakim Noah, Eric Gordon, Emeka Okafor are mine.

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JJ Redick has turned into a

JJ Redick has turned into a very solid player. I don't think anyone thought he would be this good in the NBA.

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stephen curry

stephen curry

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I was wrong about Elton

I was wrong about Elton Brand. That year, I thought Chicago should have gone with either Steve Francis or Lamar Odom with the #1 pick. At 6'8, and average athletecism, I thought Brand was nothing special and was the most overrated prospect that year. Although he is starting to go down hill now, he definitely proved that he was worth that #1 selection.

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I was...

wrong on Tyreke Evans, not even gonna lie. Even when he was doin up rose & gordon in aau ball, i didn't think it would translate to the association.

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at least people admitted

at least people admitted about the Stephon Curry thing because I got argue with for the longest when I compare this dude to like Arenas with better passing skills people wanted to kill me and now look. I will make some more predictions hopefully this time people be like hey he could know a lil something something. I will admit I though Evans would be good but not as good as he showed.

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Brandon Jennings, I thought

Brandon Jennings, I thought he was just another one who had inconsistent shot, which I right bout, but I never thought he be a great passer.

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Jrue Holiday - I thought he'd

Jrue Holiday - I thought he'd be terrible. (The question is can he keep it up, though.)

Demar Derozan - See above

I probably shouldn't admit this one - Chris Bosh. Skinny and only played one year. Yeah, bad call on my part.

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Bargnani, thought he would be

Bargnani, thought he would be the next Nikolas Tskitishvili. He's actually become a good starter in the league.

Iverson. Thought he was too frail and short for his style of play to succeed in the league...hell wrong

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He couldnt get on the floor in Europe, he only shot 20% from 3. Who had the Bucks at the 5 seed this year( without Mike Redd) at the begining of the season?

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Mr.6000 killed me a while back when I said we'd draft Holiday

He's coming along fine...I was wrong about Curry...I thought he was a bust and now I think he may be Nash minus some passing...I was wrong about a lot more too.CDR was my steal of the draft one year(still could be)....

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