Players who should have gone back to school

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Players who should have gone back to school

Some of these players have not yet hired agents.

Austin Daye - Just way too thin to play in NBA right now. Could move into lottery next year.
Jeff Teague - There won't be as many good point guards next year, so he should be able to improve his
Gani Lawal - Projected as a low first round pick. Would probably move up if he came back. He could be
next year's Jordan Hill
Dajuan Summers - Not sure why he signed an agent so quickly. Only a bubble first rounder.
Derek Brown - May not even get drafted in the first round.
Damion James - May not get drafted in first round.

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2 more others

And definitely BJ Mullens and Jrue Holiday.

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Yea I was thinkin

Jrue Holiday and Mullens need to go back more than anybody. Also guys like Donald Sloan who arent even prospects at all should return.

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along with Nic Wise, Paul Harris, and Ater Majok the a freshman from UConn who hasn't even suited up for the huskies. With Majok it seems like he's abusing the whole "Testing the Waters" process.

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i think

I think Daye will always be thin. NBA is better place to gain mass

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I think Damion James would

I think Damion James would benefit the most by going back to school. Texas will a final 4 caliber team next year if James returns. With one more solid college year under his belt I think James would be picked in the mid teens of the first round.

Jodie Meeks needs to go back to school. Kentucky might win the national championship if he returns. If Meeks can prove he can penetrate better and thrive in an uptempo system I think his stock will rise. If he helps Kentucky make a deep tourney run I think he could slip into the bottom of the first round next year.

Tyler Smith needs to go back to school. So does Tasmin Mitchell. Both these guys should have huge years on teams that desperately need their leadership and scoring. They can only help their stocks.

Austin Daye is probably a lottery pick already as much as I hate to say it just based on his potential. Personally I think he should go back to school though and prove he can lead a team and be a star.

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Devendorf and Flynn should have stayed back, they would have competed with Kentucky for the title?

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