Players Overseas

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Players Overseas

If D-Will does indeed sign with this Turkish team, do you think other stars will follow him? Do you think their games will be broadcasted all over TV? And most importantly, do you think this will be the year where international finally basketball breaks out? International games could be a norm on TV. We could finally get to see top talents play on a nightly (or daily) basis. We would finally get to see who a guy like Ricky Rubio is and why he gets so much hype. And we could finally get to see players like Allen Iverson who have lost it in the NBA but still play the game for love. Do you think any of this will happen?

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apparently Kobe could be offered by the same team. Also, Amare and Carmelo have looked into insurance to protect themselves if they got hurt.

Kobe should not play though, i think a year off or a large break could help him.

All of this will probably not matter because I doubt the NBA will miss more than a month although players looking into other teams worries me that they know something we dont. Trying to stay optimistic though.

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Deron Williams

From what I have read, Deron Williams is pretty serious about signing with this Turkish team. It would pay him 5 million during the season and when the NBA is back, the contract with the Turkish club will terminate and he will return to the NBA.

Because the contracts terminate when the NBA season begins...I can definitely see more players leaving to play overseas until the lockout is settled.


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