Player future

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Player future

Obviously with all the Kawhi, LeBron, PG talk there are few NBA guys who futures are in question a little bit but not the limelight, so simply asking what you expect and what you'd like to see for those under the radar guys? Be they RFA/UFA, potentially surplus for the team they on or injured coming back.

Guys that stick out to me:

#1: Marc Gasol - I expect him to remain in Memphis, but what I'd like to see is him end up in a spot where he could contend and Memphis embrace a full rebuild. I really liked the idea of him in Cleveland to keep LeBron there as well as an awesome talent for him to play with. Outside team would be Washington, he would be a huge upgrade over Gortat and I could potentially see him working well with Wall and Beal. (Porter may be the casualty)

#2: Jabari Parker/Zach LaVine- Both restricted free agents, young and coming off rather severe injuries and struggle to stay healthy after both having successful 2016/17 campaigns. I expect LaVine to go back to Chicago and ideally that's what I'd like to see happen.

Parker I can not get a read on as there is so much concern around his knees. I think he will end up signing with a rather average team that'll pay him big money. He will probably put up good but hollow numbers. I would like to see him in Indiana for a reasonable price (I still think a Turner/Thon Maker trade makes sense), but outside Indiana I want him on a team where he can be a focal point as well as develop with other young players. I really like Brooklyn with Russell and J.Allen but not sure they have the cap space.

#3: Kristaps Porzingis - Obviously injured and we unsure if he will play next season or not. Obviously the question isn't where he will return to, more about what position he will play. He is 7'3, big wingspan and a really good rim protector, 5 years ago he was a PF but I think his best spot going forward is a at C (I love this new age big man who can shoot, rebound and guard the rim). I want to see N.Y. use this draft and upcoming season to get bits in place to build around Porzingis.

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I’ve said this before would

I’ve said this before would love to see Jabari Parker at the four in Utah next to Gobert. Think he’s a good fit as a supplementary scorer alongside Mitchell, long as his kneees hold up.

Sidebar: Kristaps at the 5 full time at this stage of his career is a nightmare considering the guy can’t rebound for shit even at 7’3.

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I think Jabari Parker or

I think Jabari Parker or Julius Randle would be a great fit for the Jazz. Both young versatile forwards who are undersized for typical 4's, but would benefit from playing alongside Gobert. Both are restricted free agents as well some it should be interesting to see what their market values are

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