Player can Return to School if Undrafted

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Player can Return to School if Undrafted

Big move here. A player can declare for the draft, and if he goes undrafted, can return to school. Big help to the players. Such an obvious thing to allow. Thankfully the NCAA is finally helping the players rather than the schools.

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Even if the player signs an

Even if the player signs an agent?

If so, no reason not to declare for the draft.

This will be YUGE for HS kids once they get rid of 1 and Dones.

At this point, "high second round pick" type players will declare early (although many already are).

... I can see them bringing back the 3rd round at some point. Especially now with teams having their own dedicated G League team.

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3rd Round

It's actually kind of surprising that there hasn't been more smoke around this already. It seems like the natural next step with the G-League being more fully-realizied as a true minor league system for teams.

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Ahh the American tradition of the Powerful Crushing the Poor

The NCAA is among the most Corrupt entities in Modern American society - basically a bunch of privileged beuracrats controlling the Money machine that is College Basketball & Football on behalf of Legacy Universities worth Billions that are Also controlled by privileged Aristocrats working Together to Exploit poor & Unprotected young athletes the goal of which is to Cheat these kids out of their rightful opportunity to be Compensated on the open Market for their Skills & Talents

The untalented yet Well connected NCAA Beauracrats control the ability of young inner city American citizens from earning a living - so you Force an 18 y/o who could Easily sign a multi year contract for Millions of Dollars to play Pro ball to instead work for FREE for a University so that University - which IS a Corporation (They File Tax returns as a 501 - C3 Corporation) can Earn Millions of Dollars of that Athlete's Ability, Talent, Image, Brand & so on

That alone is Insane!

And when these kids who are having one or two years of their ability to earn a good living Stolen from them - when they take 10 or 20 or 50 or a 100 thousand dollars from agents while still in school the Crooked NCAA calls their Privileged Buddies in the Federal Police agiencies & they run a Sting operation to make sure these kids Stay Poor, continue to be FORCED to Give Free Labor & they arrest the Adults giving them $$$ to teach Anyone a lesson that the Modern Day Free Labor system called the NCAA keeps on making a Fortune of these young American Citizens

The NCAA is terrified to lose their grip on their Free Labor system so they are making a silly poorly thought out concession that is Really just a reinforcement of the Status Quo is the sincere Hope that by doing this ridiculous Program that can Not be enforced that the Media & the Fans will Get Off the NCAA"S Leadership's back & continue to Ignore their Explootation of Poor, Powerless Athletes who have ONE ticket to a better Life & yet they are Forced to Risk that ticket by working / playing for FREE

I thought we outlawed Forcing people to work for free in this country (apologies if this is overly emotional but this subject burns my ass b/c the NCAA is So corrupt & they are Supported at Every level of our Gov't while Not a signle entity looks out for the people who Need the protection)

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