Play comparisons/Scouting reports that I need: Part 1

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Play comparisons/Scouting reports that I need: Part 1

What's up, forum? As some of you know, I am currently in the process of creating an NBA 2K13 Mock Draft for the Xbox 360 console. Now, with this process comes a lot of hard work and dedication, as I am commited to bringing you the best draft class on the 2K share for the Xbox 360. Now, I need the forums help in this project. I will be doing the work. However, I would really appreciate it if some of you could help me out along the way.

As of right now, there isn't much information on a lot of freshmen, upperclassmen, and international prospects. For those who don't have information I could base my creation off of, I could really use the forum's help in giving me some player comparisons, as well as some player analysis. Not only would this help me, but it would help you all out by allowing me to get done making my draft class that much faster.

I was thinking that I would like the first version of this draft class to be out and available before the official college basketball season begins, so it would be most beneficial for me and for you all if you could help me out along the way. I am already commited to this project and I already have about 8 prospects created.

This list of prospects that I need information on is just the first part of 2 lists that I need. It takes time to create each individual prospect, so I wouldn't want to overwhelm you guys with an entire list of about 30+ prospects, so I'm splitting it into two seperate parts. As soon as I get the first list completely done, I will jump to the second list.

Here's the list of prospects that I need information for as of right now:

Alex Poythress (SF) - Kentucky
Alec Brown (C) - Green Bay-Wisconsin
Rudy Gobert (C) - France
CJ McCollum (PG) - Lehigh
Jamaal Franklin (SG) - San Diego State
Trey Burke (PG) - Michigan
Trevor Mbakwe (PF) - Minnesota
Jarnell Stokes (PF) - Tennessee
Doug McDermott (SF) - Creighton
Dario Saric (SF) - Croatia
Jeff Withey (C) - Kansas
Ben McLemore (SG) - Kansas
CJ Fair (SF) - Syracuse
Gorgui Dieng (C) - Louisville
Kyle Anderson (SF) - UCLA
Deonte Burton (PG) - Nevada
CJ Wilcox (SG) - Washington
PJ Hairston (SG) - North Carolina

After I get done with all of these players, I will come back for more. There are still a good 15-20 prospects that I can create on my own, so I won't need help with them.

No one person has to give me analysis and player comparisons for each individual player. That's asking a lot out of one person. I was hoping that if any of you had some good information on a few prospects, then you could post that below and other people on the forum could fill in the gaps that are necessary to fill.

I appreciate all of you taking time to read this, and I would really appreciate anyone who would be willing to take the time to help me out. Thank you.

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I can help you with a couple,

I can help you with a couple, poythress is like a young al Thornton, when al was putting up nice numbers as they both are super athletic with inside out games,McDermott is like mike dunleavy as they can both score but lack handle and athleticism, trey Burke is like a young mike conley as they are both small,quick, but know how to play, Dieng is another festus ezili/epke udoh as he can protect the rim but on offense he can't do much, Dario Saric is a young turkoglu as he has good handles and is versatile but needs a position. Hope it helps give you an idea of their games

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1. Nerlens Noel-Olden

1. Nerlens Noel-Olden Polynice,but a better shot blocker..Polynice was a good defender & rebounder,who had a good career ..But like Noel was also limited offensively..

2.Willie Cauley-Charles Smith

3.Ben McLemore-Jason Richardson

4.Dario Saric-Detleff Schremphf

5.Gorgui Deing-Ekpe Udoh

6.Kyle Anderson-Jalen Rose/Brandon Roy

7.Alek Brown-Rik Smit

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Comparisons = point

Comparisons = point killers

as much as i like to hear comparisons for players you guys must remember...its opinion. So wether its rudeboy or Aran Smith himself they are 100% opinion and never fact.

plus its hard to compare some of these guys as they havent played a single NCAA game and some need to make to the NBA before a real close comparison to anyone can truly be made.

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Doug McDermott plays very

Doug McDermott plays very little like Mike Dunleavey.

McDermott is a tough nosed 6'7'' face up power forward at this point in his career. He actually has a great post game, and does not shy away from contact. This part of his game is often lost on those who haven't seen him play much because he is such a good shooter and takes advantage of spacing and ball movement on the perimeter. He is an extremely high percentage shooter, but creating his shot around the perimeter is not something he's great at, right now. His Bball IQ is through the roof, for someone his age, and it's very evident in the way he plays.

His handle isn't that great and is his biggest weakness, at this point in his career. He isn't going to be as effective on the block in the NBA so he really needs to work on that part of his game to play the 3 in the NBA. I love his game, but since he really does play like a 4, with a knock down jumper, he really needs to work on his handle to be more than a marksman teams play 10 mpg. That being said, he's a gamer, and gamers often defy logic when carving out a role in the NBA.

I would compare him to Matt Harpring at the next level, but not as strong.

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Jeff Withey Withy's primary

Jeff Withey

Withy's primary strength is his shot blocking and rim presence. A true mobile 7 footer with good natural timing, there is little question this element of his game will not translate to the next level. During the National Championship loss, he held Anthony Davis to a 1-10 shoot performance. He is also an above average rebounder, and is a high percentage three point shooter. His offensive game is not very developed, but he has a hook shot and moves without the ball well off of pick and rolls.

He is still a very lean guy, but has gained weight and muscle every year in Lawrence. I still think he needs to put on 10-15 more lbs to be a more effective pro. He is a specialist at the next level, shot blocking, rim protection, and offensive tip ins, and although he won't give an NBA team a whole lot more, I think he has the making of a very reliable backup center and a guy who could be really effective in that role.

Comparison - Rasho Nesterovic

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Edit: High percentage free

Edit: High percentage free throw shooter, haha

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mcdunkin has a point ( no pun intended)


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