PJ Hairston to play in D-League

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PJ Hairston to play in D-League

Glad he chose this decision. The fact that he went pro during the season makes him automatically eligible for this years draft. Hopefully he could pull a Glen Rice Jr. and find himself a spot in the league. He obviously has the talent but his character issues are what costed him his collegiate career. Supposedly he didn't mature at all after his off court incidents during the offseason so that was why UNC decided to not reinstate him. Hopefully the D-League helps him mature as a person as well.

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He's also enrolled in an online class at UNC. Hopefully that is a sign that he is starting to grow up a bit. I could still see him sneaking into the late 1st round if he dominates the D-League and does well at the combine and interview process.


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He's got a lot to prove

Hopefully, the incidents and their aftermath has humbled him. I hope for his sake that he's growing up, I can't see what NBA team would want any part of his shenanigans at this point

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He's a 2nd round lock

but it will be interesting if any of the playoff teams near the end of the 1st round take a chance on him since they have a successful/ vetern team...

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Any UNC fan has a right to be

Any UNC fan has a right to be completely pissed off at PJ. The antics he put up this summer were nothing short of embarrassing, for himself, the University and for Roy Williams and the current players. The D League is the right choice for him now. He can play and hopefully some team will look past his immaturity and draft him. He has obvious first round talent. He is a borderline first round draft pick in my opinion. He cost himself a lot of money with his stupidity and although I was hoping he would eventually return, he never deserved the right to represent the University and play basketball for UNC ever again. He got what he deserved.

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