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Even before the pistons had there hot streak, I still said the wings are going to be a problem. Pistons are in dire need of help the the wings spot. If you watch any of the game majority of the points come from Griffin and Drummond. Luke kennard is out until mid to late december, Stanely johnson is being...well stanley johnson, Galloway, robinson are inconsistent, the rookie brown has nice defense his offense is non existent, and calderon is past his prime. Reggie tries to do too much and Ish is servicable, but limited.

Who should the pistons take a look at?

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Terrence Ross

T Ross seems like he'd be a good fit with this group. Plays pretty good D, can handle the ball a little, and fill it up from the outside.

Also he's an expiring contract...... so detroit can evaluate how he does & determine his fit long term if he plays well for them

Coach Clifford or Orlando seems to really like Ross though, he's talked him up a couple times in the media this season & has gotten some crunch time offense ran through him.

Not sure who Detroit would give back in a deal though.


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BUT who does the Pistons give

BUT who does the Pistons give up to get him? Pistons are over the cap and Ross is making 10.5 mill a season.

I say go after Kelly Oubre Jr. Wizards can't pay him and Otto Porter and be at the bottom.

Pistons get: Kelly Oubre

Wiz get: Stanley Johnson, Henry Ellenson and a 1st round pick top 5 protected.

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I'd do that Kelly Oubre deal

I'd do that Kelly Oubre deal in a heartbeat. I'd prefer the draft pick to be top 10 protected though.

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Rodney Mcgruder The Heat are

Rodney Mcgruder

The Heat are loaded in the wings so much so that Winslow and DJJ are playing the 4 spot. TJ and Waiters aren't tradeable so Mcgruder is the best bet plus Detroit won't give up that much in return anyways since Miami is over the luxury tax as well.

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Waiters and McGruder for Leuer and Brown (or heavily protected first or a second rounder). Gives a year of salary relief switching from Waiters to Leuer and also profitting on the good play of McGruder. Detroit gets a couple more guys who can play the wing. Gives Ellenson more chances as the back up 4 (or Stanley can play some more 4).

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