Pierre Jackson

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Pierre Jackson

Pierre Jackson could easily be the steal of the draft this year. I love his game! The kid came to Baylor from JR college and produced from the start. I see so much of Nate Robinson in his game and with Nate having a good playoff run I could see some teams in the late first round intrigued to take Pierre to become that spark that Nate has been for most of his career.With Eric Bledsoe looking like he could be traded (as hard as that is for me) soon if CP3 stays I would love for my Lob City Clippers taking him as the backup point. What do you guys think?

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Ive seen him play a couple

Ive seen him play a couple times too. Kinda reminds me of a Travis Best clone, explosive PG off the bench. I think he could have a solid career, he just has to continue to work hard.

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Love him man. So exiting to

Love him man. So exiting to watch. Super explosive. Insane change of direction. Nasty pull up game. Great in PnR situations. Clutch. Winner.

I don't understand the idea of Shane Larkin in the first round and Pierre Jackson going undrafted, and I'm from Miami.

I have defended Pierre thru ups and downs, this and last year. One of my favorite players to watch, honestly.

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Pierre Has created a lot of

Pierre Has created a lot of buzz lately and some people think he may crack into the very late first round( picks 26-30). I love everything about his game and his work ethic appears to be off the chain.

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I've heard that too, although

I've heard that too, although I still think the late 1st is a bit of a long shot, a team like L.A could use a quick guard with both Bledsoe and Paul's future being in limbo and their other two main guards being 36 ( Chauncey ) and 33 (Crawford ).

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I think the 33-38 range would

I think the 33-38 range would be a good fit for Mr. Jackson, he plays out of control quite a bit but he really is a Nate Rob type of weapon off the pine and can score in a variety of ways

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