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This may be a tough call but Philly should let Harris go and target Klay Thompson. I love Tobias Harris as a player but I don't think he's the right fit. With Klay, a lineup of Simmons, Redick, Thompson, Butler and Embiid has Ben as a "point 4". It puts shooters around Embiid and they lose nothing defensively. If they can't get Klay, I'd consider chasing Levert, Brogdon, Pat Bev or Bryn Forbes. They do need another reliable big though.

Brown deserves to stay so I'm glad they are keeping him. He just took those bad years on the chin. He's a very good person, excellent working with others, and while he may not be the most technically gifted, he would be very difficult to replace effectively.

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Cap Isn't There

The way the cap works, you can only go over for players that were on your team previously. This means if they want to keep a lineup with 4 "stars" it has to be the current 4 stars on the roster, Simmons Embiid Butler and Harris. I believe they would have the money to chase some of the lesser free agents you mentioned if they dont retain Harris and Redick, but Klay isnt leaving GS if he doesnt get a Max somewhere. The Simmons contract is also looming, and with the accolades he has accrued that will be a huge contract too. They definitely have some decisions to make, but with Harris and Butler holding all the cards the decision may be made for them.

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I understand that but I only

I understand that but I only see a tick over 40 mil committed and 65 coming off. Isnt there enough for a max free agent and a short JJ deal even if they keep Butler?

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No, because of Cap holds

Cap Holds

They wouldn have to renounce the bird rights to at least Butler and Harris to have actual cap room.

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Bringing back Harris is a

Bringing back Harris is a no-brainer for me. He’s 26 and just entering his prime. His skill set meshes nicely and he can play off embiid/Simmons and be used as a go to scorer for stretches when needed. Even though he was somewhat inconsistent in these playoffs, his best basketball is likely still ahead of him.

Butler is a tougher call. He’s 29 and likely won’t settle for less than a 5 year max. With all the miles on his body that contract could definitely age poorly and could be very tough to move. He is their best competitor and was arguably their most valuable player in this playoff run. But he’s also a guy that needs the ball in his hands and doesn’t always score within the flow of the offense. His strengths don’t necessarily align with the strengths of embiid/Simmons. It would be very tough to let him walk though because it would be virtually impossible for them to replace what he brings to the floor (at least in the short-term) and they also gave up a lot to get him. If they max both him and Harris though, they are going to have very limited flexibility going forward, and are going to basically be completely committed to a roster that doesn’t necessarily fit together perfectly.

Regardless, though for this team to really get to the next level it’s going to ultimately come down to embiid and Simmons taking the next steps, embiid with improving his conditioning and Simmons with expanding his outside shooting ability.

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There is no way Klay is

There is no way Klay is leaving GS for Philly

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they should move simmons to

they should move simmons to the 4 to play as an old school type pf...

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Basically they would have to

Basically they would have to let everyone walk to target any top free agents. It would be worth giving up JJ and Tobias to get Klay....but not Butler as well.

Butler may not age well but worry about that as he gets older. Right now they have to try to retain him as their options are limited. I would be ok with letting Tobias and JJ leave to fill out the roster with more depth but it probably makes the most sense to bring everyone back. Despite the amount of money they would be committing it is the safer play.

You could probably find decent replacements at PF and SG that would give you similar production. If you figure the Sixers pay 10 million per season a piece to those players they are maxing out their cap and bringing back no role players outside of Ennis (possibly 1.9 player option), Smith and Bolden.

Despite not having a lottery pick (unless that 1% comes thru) this will be a big draft for the Sixers. They traded away Shamet (who looks like the perfect JJ replacement) to get Harris (who they may let walk). I would target someone like Kabengele who can play both Center and PF with their first rounder.

They have 4 2nd round picks including 33 and 34 where I would like them to target Carsen Edwards (for some much needed off the bench scoring) and maybe a high ceiling guy like Jontay Porter.

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The way Philly has structured

The way Philly has structured their team they kinda have to resign him like it or not. With Embiid and Simmons getting such harsh critisism after the loss to Toronto Im here wondering why nobody is pointing the finger at Harris. If he became a knockdown shooter theres no way Toronto could keep double/triple teaming Embiid. Embiid and Simmons would have another 2 assists per game.

Not sure if I would be too keen on bringing back Harris though. Depends on the market. Hes gonna demand a very large contract and in the playoffs against Toronto he was pushed into a spot up shooter role and he missed alot of open jumpshots. His defence is alright but not a difference maker, not something that inspires confidence but he tries.

The cap is what, $110 million this year? They are at $48 million with Butler declining his option with only 6 players under contract. Redick will demand $20 mil, Butler or whoever they sign to fill that void is another $30 so your already at $100 and then you have the choice of going over by giving Harris $20-$25. Is he really worth it?

Sidenote Aaron Gordon and Tobias Harris are almost the exact same kind of player now.

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I don’t think Redick gets

I don’t think Redick gets more than $15 on a one year deal but Harris would still put them over the LT. I believe he will get closer to a max if not from Philly then somewhere else

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As most have said...

All Philly can really do is the following:

Sign J.J and then sign Butler and Harris which they can go over the cap for due to their bird rights..

They are pretty much tyed to this team the only other options they have is sign and trade or Trade a core piece for more but lesser valued players similar to what Clippers did for Blake..

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