Phil Jackson reaches out to Chicago (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

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Phil Jackson reaches out to Chicago (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

Phil Jackson may have reached out to Chicago recently, but it's not what you think; in fact, he may have been trying to put out the fire surrounding his inclusion in the headlines. [From] what we can ascertain, it was Jackson who initiated it -- and he had, for once, an altruistic motive. He called or texted his old shooting guard, John Paxson, and told him this: Before you pick your next coach, you'd be doing yourself (and myself) a big favor if you gave some consideration to Brian Shaw. That was it. He didn't call because he wanted to plan an escape route from L.A. He doesn't need his ego massaged. He wants no part of Chicago, as his subsequent remarks indicated.

The Star-Ledger

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Brian Shaw's name doesn't

Brian Shaw's name doesn't come up enough. I don't know if Chicago is the place for him, but I think he'd be a very good head coach.

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