PG/SF options for the Lakers

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PG/SF options for the Lakers

I think it can be easily assumed the Lakers are going to be making some moves before the deadline to get some upgrades at the PG and SF spots, i'm just wondering who might be on the radar for them.

Kirk Hinrich- I heard he was back with injury, but is he out of favour with Teague's emergence?

D.J Augustin- Kemba is running the show alright, possibly on the trade radar

Tayshaun Prince- Detroit needs to move on from the ring days, could be handy for the Lakers

Terrence Williams- Not sure about his attitude, maybe Kobe could smack it in check

Shaun Livingston- Seems to be playing well, they would have to throw something at the Bucks to get him though

Stephen Jackson- Out of favour from Scott Skiles?

Steve Nash/Grant Hill- If Phoenix actually decides it's rebuilding time.

Rashard Lewis- He could be handy if he had some motivation

There is also a few options at the T-Wolves the Lakers could acquire into, Ridnour, Barea, Beasley, Johnson etc.

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lakers should go for parker,

lakers should go for parker, he want out of da spurs, dey r small market and very old he said so himself, mayb also rubio, he wants out of minnsota, he want to play for da big team, he can play next to da greatest in da black mamba, future championshipp baby

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i like

the Tayshaun Prince idea. but i think Al Thornton could also be handy for LA from a effort and drive standpoint. The Lakers dont have many high energy players. There always the Gilbert arenas dynamic also. Guys got more left than Fisher and Lakers are in dire need of bench help.

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Me personaly..i would go with

Me personaly..i would go with D.J and Terrence Williams..D.J is solid Pg..he can create shot to his teammates so i think he wolud perfectly fit to the Lakers...Williams beacuse he got potential..his attitude is problem but he is still young and he can learn from some good games in Rookie season,and very litle playing time in other 2 sesions

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Not being able to keep Farmar

Not being able to keep Farmar and Ariza is slowly creeping up to the Lakers, but they're a team that an abundant of players wouldn't mind playing for, so they will nab a good PG and SF. I'm still pondering on who should they get at PG, but how about waiting for Wilson Chandler to finish his season in China and sign him? A much improved defender since entering the league and is a decent corner 3-point shooter and great transition player.

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Lakers and Heat fans you can

Lakers and Heat fans you can dream all you want, you aren't getting Nash. Even if Phoenix trades Nash, you really think they can't do better than Darius Morris or Norris Cole? That's all either team has to offer. No one wants Ron Artest, Matt Barnes, Mike Miller, James Jones ect.

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Some of you guys act like the

Some of you guys act like the Lakers are rich with assets at the moment...Besides Bynum,who they would only pull the trigger on for D Howard, who would The Lakers give up to get any of the guys in the original post???

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If you look at players out of

If you look at players out of the NBA at the moment, I wonder if AK47 could be tempted to return to the NBA next season as his defensive game would be a nice fit for the Lakers and his versatility would mean he could play a number of positions around the main stars.

They could also look to use the Odom exception unless they are waiting to try for a major signing eg D-Will or Dwight and have got that to use in the deal.

Also they will soon have to have one eye on the post Kobe era as they would not want to be like Chicago when MJ retired for the 2nd time and the next major signing they make will surely take this into consideration and they have to decide if Bynum will be part of the post Kobe era or a great trading chip.

On a plus note for the Lakers there will be some quality veteran FA's this summer so a top team like the Lakers should be in the mix for them.

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my ideas

Two trades:

Trade Exception, Devin Ebanks, and a 1st rounder for Ramon Sessions and Erden or Samuels

Trade Exception, Matt Barnes, and a 2nd rounder (or two) for Tayshaun Prince

Cut Walton


Sessions - Bryant - Prince - Gasol - Bynum

Fisher - Goudelock - World Peace - Mcroberts - Clev big man

Morris - Blake - Kapono - Murphy - Character

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If you want to think both about upgrading for now and the future, I'd go with D.J. Augustine at the point. He is still a pretty good point guard, but I think the Bobcats want to move in the direction of Kemba Walker. If that's the case, the Bobcats can surely get something out of Augustine. Let's remember that Augustine is only 24 years old and still has a promising look for the future. I think playing alongside a superstar like Kobe Bryant would only benefit him for his future in the NBA.

As far as small forwards on this list go, the obvious answer would be Terrence Williams. He needs to mature a little more, but he is still a good player and given the fact that he too is at a very young basketball age, I'm sure the presence of Kobe Bryant on the floor during practice can only influence him to improve his attitude and the way he goes about the game.

However, I do not think Williams is the best option if you want to win right now. If you want to squeeze out a ring with the team the have this year, I think Tayshaun Prince would be the best option at the 3 to help the Lakers win a championship this year. Tayshaun is a veteran in this league who knows how to play in the NBA Finals. He could provide support for this team whenever Kobe is having a slow start and can help improve this team mentally by spreading his wisdom among some of the younger Laker players.

So if you ask me, the best option to win this year would probably have to be the added duo of D.J. Augustine and Tayshaun Prince. Will it happen? Probably not. Could it happen? I don't see why it couldn't. Would I like to see it happen? (As a Nuggets fan, no. As a basketball fan, it'd sure be a good move).

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