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PG13 said hed like to play with Heyward any way the pacers do a sign and trade if Heyward signs with Utah? I know Boston can offer more but the Jazz would be a good second option. Utah gets PG13 and Indiana get Burks,Hood, Lyles, and Exum. They would probably have to give up one of their picks this year or a future pick. Pacers get young talent and can rebuild for the future. Starters Pg- Exum Sg- Burks Sf- Hood Pf-Lyles C-Turner

Utah Starters Pg-Hill Sg-Heyward Sf-George Pf-Favors C-Gobert

bench is Johnson,Mack,Diaw,Ingles,Withey, Neto and Bolomboy.

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I dont see that being enough.

I dont see that being enough. Even for a one year rental, you still get the right to offer an additional year and that would probably be in the 30-35 mil per range for George.

I have never seen the appeal of Trey Lyles. I keep hearing point forward but all I see is a softer version of Mike Beasley. I like Exum and still believe he can grow his game but I would view him as the heart of this trade and that just isnt enough for PG13. IMO Rodney Hood is a borderline starter, maybe a poor man's Joe Johnson. Burks got beat out by Hood and then got hurt.

I will say that the idea of PG13 w/Gobert is intriguing but PG and Hayward have overlapping skill sets and as we've seen with Lebron, when you pair him with Bosh or Love, somethings got to give.

If Paul George gets traded I think it will be for a package of picks, not players.

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I still am a fan of Lyles

I think he has a game that isn't predicated on athleticism, so he can play for over a decade. I like his jumpshot and the fact that he has enough handles to put the ball on the floor for a few dribbles to get to the lane. I think he true worth will come 5-6 years into his career. He needs to learn some savy vet moves to rebound and defend with his shorter height and lesser athleticism (He is a tweener, but I don't think he puts it together as a 3 man. Needs to be a 4.)

I think he can become a David West light version. Very servicable big to have in the rotation. I could be wrong, of course, but I still believe he will become a consitant/ valued role player. 25-30 minutes a night guy.

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In response to the

In response to the "overlapping skill sets" comment... They do have similar skill sets, but they'd fit well together offensively due to the fact they both can play without the ball, catch and shoot, etc. Both are extremely unselfish players. Neither guy is a ball dominant type of player even though they do have that ability. I also love the fact Hayward is a team first guy.

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You actually think that Kevin Pritchard is like Vlade Divac to pull-off that trade?

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nice idea but unless both

nice idea but unless both sign to boston as free won't happen.

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Lakers, Celtics are the most

Lakers, Celtics are the most likely destination for him.

I could see 76ers, Suns have an outside chance especially if 76ers get Lakers pick.

The least likely with an opportunity would be him rejoining Vogel in Orlando, but I think that Lakers/Celtics most likely get the commitment long-term.

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PG not going to Utah

PG not going to Utah Superstar wants to go to Utah.

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"Ther're no nightlife in

"Ther're no nightlife in Utah" hahaha. I hope Matt Barnes stays in the NBA for a while.

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I think Washington would be

I think Washington would be the best destination for him. In addition to saying in the past he wishes the Pacers were built like the Celtics, he would create the best 1-2-3 punch in the NBA with Wall and Beal. He complements them well defensively with his length but more importantly can create offensively to take some pressure off Wall which is something Beal has not yet been able to do. Having PG and Wall would lead to open shots all day for guys like Beal, Oubre, Bogdanvic, and Morris.

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