Paul George playing some great basketball

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Paul George playing some great basketball

When David West moved on and they traded Roy Hibbert, it looked as if the Pacers were going to regroup and try to tweak their line up.

With Paul George having quietly returned at the end of last season after his horrific summer 2014 injury, we were all wondering what sort of form he'd show this year after a full pre-season and more recovery time.

Getting his return out of the way last season made a lot of sense, he could ease himself back in both physically and mentally, he would be playing light minutes and no one expected him to immediately set the NBA on fire. Paul quietly returned played useful minutes from the bench and went away for the summer.

He was able to hit pre-season fresh and shake off the rust fully, he showed good form fairly early on. But over the last 5 games he has been sensational averaging 33.2ppg and not having one game under 30 points.

It's great to see him back playing as well as ever and he looks a cert to be an All Star again and whilst not an immediate MVP candidate, he could be well up in the voting with this sort of form and get onto one of the All NBA teams.

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PG deserves major credit. He

PG deserves major credit. He could've taken all of last season off and nobody would've questioned him, yet he worked his ass off and returned. Then this season, he comes back better than he's ever been. It's almost unreal. It's arguable he's the hardest worker in the league. He's literally a better player at every facet of the game.

IF he can keep up these numbers all season and lead the Pacers to the #1 seed in the East with this supporting cast, he could give Stephen Curry a serious challenge for MVP.

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Right now he'd be #2 or #3 in

Right now he'd be #2 or #3 in the MVP race after Curry and maybe Westbrook.

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He's number 2 in MVP right

He's number 2 in MVP right now behind Curry although an argument could be made that without Curry GSW would likely be in the playoff picture. Without PG Indiana would be in Lakers, 76ers territory. Although with GSW being undefeated while Curry is playing some of the best basketball EVER and closing close games for his sqaud you gotta hand it to the Chef.

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After Golden State, I enjoy watching Indiana most early in the

season... I never thought I would say that 2 months ago..... PG13 is a Beast.... but I luv their small ball line up.... I can't wait to see Indiana Vs Golden State....

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