Paul George pays tribute to Larry Brown I mean......

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Paul George pays tribute to Larry Brown I mean......

Larry Bird. 1st off Paul George won the contest WE THE FANS GOT IT WRONG!!! 2nd how did he must up the guy that drafted him? lol too funny

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This dude is a 6'10" shooting

This dude is a 6'10" shooting guard. Wow, He is taller than the man that is playing possibly his best position. He is even taller than David West their power forward.

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I think George is better served playing the Small Forward, he's forced to playing the shooting guard right now with Granger there. But it doesn't really matter either way, he's a wing.

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I could understand forgetting

I could understand forgetting the guy that drafted you, or forgetting one of the top ten players in NBA history, but the guy that signs your paycheck? You can't mess up that guy's name.

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