Pau Gasol out for season

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Pau Gasol out for season

SMH, wont be back till playoffs their saying

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That's a bummer, he was actually playing pretty well off the bench for them. This puts a lot more pressur now on Kobe and D12. If the Lakers can pull of getting into the playoffs I will be very happy, but their chances just took another hit. Come on Kobe!!

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Reports are saying Jordan

Reports are saying Jordan Hill will be able to come back in playoffs as well if they make it. As great as a boost both would give. It'd be hard to have them fit in and be in shape while facing the likes of San Antonio or OKC.

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Don't think Hill and Gasol

Don't think Hill and Gasol would help them much in the playoffs, both will be rusty and not in game shape, look at Jameer Nelson for the magic when he came back

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If the Lakers make it to the

If the Lakers make it to the Playoffs having Hill or Pau come in for 8 mins a game will help. If you think they can play longer then thats when you'll hate what you see.

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They will be complete non

They will be complete non factors if they come back for the playoffs, if the Lakers manage to make the playoffs it means they finally are able to establish some sort of identity, as I've said before, Dantoni never found a way for Howard and Gasol to coexist, that has yet to change with minimal time really to get acclimated to each other this season, not to mention how out of shape Gasol will be which will make him even more of a liability on the defensive end. Safe to say the Lakers won't be making any deeps runs this year, OKC and the Spurs would make very quick work of them.

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