The Past 10 Draft 2003 -- 2013

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The Past 10 Draft 2003 -- 2013

the best, the worst and the surprise of The 10 Latest draft

2003 :
The Best Worst The Surprise
Lebron James #1 Cle Darko Milic #2 Det David West #18 New

The Best Worst The Surprise
Dwigth Howard #1 Orl Shain Livington #4 Lac Josh Smith #17 Atl

The Best Worst The Surprise
Crirs Paul #4 New Marvin William #2 Atl Monta Ellis #40 Gol

The Best Worst The Surprise
Lamarcus Aldridge #2 Adam Morrison #3 Was Rajon Rondon #17 Bos

The Best Worst The Surprise
Kevin Durant #2 Yi Jianlian #6 Mil Marc Gasol #48 Lak

The Best Worst The Surprise
Derrick Rose #1 Chic Joe Alexander #8 Mil Deandre Jordan #38 Lac

The Best Worst The Surprise
Blake Griffin #1 Lac Hasheem Thabeet #2 Mem Jrue Holiday #17 Phi

The Best Worst The Surprise
Jhon Wall #1 Was Wesley Jhonson #4 Min Paul George #10 Ind

The Best Worst The Surprise
Kyrie Irving #1 Jan Vesely #6 Was Chandler Parsons #38 Hou

The Best Worst The Surprise
Anthony Davis #1 New Austin Rivers #10 New Andre Drummon #9 Det

The Best Worst The Surprise
Ben Mclemore #7 Sac Alex Len #5 Pho Tony Snell #20 Chic

the class of 2013 is my thinking

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Was a good idea, but you

Was a good idea, but you should fix those misspelled names... and, are you talking about worst picks or worst players? Because, the worst pick may be not the worst player. Better call: The Best, The Bust and The Surprise (or Steal).

Another thing: DeAndre Jordan is a surprise?? He's overrated and overpaid... There is so many options for surprise in 2008 (ex: Roy Hibbert)

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Anytime you can get a

Anytime you can get a starting quality center in the second round you have to be pleasantly surprised. It makes no difference if you think he's overpaid or not.

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Shaun Livingston? Really?

Unless the player in question had serious injury concerns before the draft, I think it's unfair to label anyone a poor pick based on injuries. Livingston suffered one of the most gruesome knee injuries I've ever seen, and even with none of the explosiveness and quickness he had, he's STILL in the league. Not even close to the worst pick when you still have Raphael Arujo (sp?) and Robert Swift taken in the same lottery.

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I cry a lil bit every time someone mentions the Raptors drafting the big Haffa... Just one of those picks that ruins a team that could have been so much better. :(

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For future reference the word

For future reference the word John and Johnson are spelt like so

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Marvin Williams wasn't the

Marvin Williams wasn't the worst of the 2005 draft, but would certainly pass as the most frustrating. With a better fit, I think he would've been a solid 15-20 point per game player throughout his career, yet Atlanta drafted him when they were already loaded on the wings. Sigh. Atlanta again dropped the ball in 2006 by drafting Sheldon Williams. No words...

But going off most frustrating draft pick, Fran Vazquez would be 2nd in that case, maybe even first. With his tantalizing athleticism, Gerald Green's somewhere at the top also.

The worst? It's probably between Ike Diogu, Yaroslav Korolev, and Sean May. Marvin Williams is pretty one dimensional as a player, but at least he's still in the league.

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