OSU/MICH rivalry pg's

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OSU/MICH rivalry pg's

Trey Burke is having a dynamite season for Michigan and Craft is the best defender in college basketball. Burke, Sullinger and Craft played AAU ball together in Highschool along with O State benchwarmers Sibert and Weatherspoon. Shannon Scott, a back up pg from Georgia and the OSU freshman was basically chosen point blank over Burke by Thad Matta. Burke is a Columbus native and was a bonifide D 1 recruit. He's a kid that had to wear Michigan gear to the babershop in his senior year in high school despite the threat of bodily harm. He wanted in Columbus but Penn State and then Michigan came calling, with no word from Thad. Scott may end up with a third the career points Burke will have. Despite being a stellar recruiter Thad blew it on this one. My guess was he has some other prospects on the highschool horizon in Georgia and needed a in, it happens in football all the time.I guess the point of the topic is what are some other personal snubs/rivalries on some of your favorite college teams?

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Trey Burke played very well

Trey Burke played very well tonight and made two tough shots on Craft at the end, but Craft had him in check for most of the game when Trey tried to score on him.

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