ORL/LAL Trade idea

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ORL/LAL Trade idea

ORL - Pau Gasol 19,285,850 1year

LAL - H. Turkoglu 12,000,000 1year, Glen Davis 6,400,000 2years

Tell me what you think, this trade just popped in to my head

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Gasol is worth a lot more than that. I don't see LA considering taking Hedo's contract for his play or Glen Davis unless there were some picks involved.

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LA has already loss enough

LA has already lost enough big men. Kobe would be pissed.

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Gasol, one of the better low

Gasol, one of the better low post players for Davis who can play some ball (only on offense) and a scrub in Turkoglu? No thanks...

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Lakers get worse, dont save

Lakers get worse, dont save any money and add a guy who will cut into next years slary when they hope to keep as much room as possible. No thanks.

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What exactly does this do for

What exactly does this do for either team? If the Lakers have a chance at the playoffs, it is completely trimmed off after this trade and the Magic are still at the bottom of the standings.

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or would push Orlando out of

or would push Orlando out of the top 5 at least, which would all but take them out of the Wiggins race.

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What's the purpose in this

What's the purpose in this trade? Because it doesn't help the Lakers Salary and actually costs you more for next year, you get nothing in return for Pau Gasol (who although had a bad year last year but is still one of the better big men in the game and averaged 4 APG). This trade has absolutely no purpose for the Lakers, as it'd be more worth it for them to let Pau's contract expire rather than trading him for trash (Davis is too injury plagued and not worth it) that will hurt the amount of money they can give out in FA.

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I want my 30 seconds back.

I want my 30 seconds back.

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You're telling me you were

You're telling me you were just sitting around and out of the blue Gasol for Hedo and Glen Davis popped in your head?? What in the f*ck? No, not happening. That's an awful trade for the Lakers. If they are going to trade Gasol they need to get some young talent, or multiple picks in return.

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kobe hates not being the best

he will chase off gasol next year anyways, might as well try to get something in return!

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@Ang Puti Lalaki: That's

@Ang Puti Lalaki: That's literally like saying we'll be left with nothing next year, so let's get negative value instead!

Big Baby is worse than Gasol and also has a worse contract. Turkoglu is a benchwarming scrub and has the same type of expiring as Gasol. So why on earth would the Lakers do this trade?

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