Orlando next move?

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Orlando next move?

What will Orlando Magic's next move be? They have guys like Davis and Nelson under contract do you think they could be moved?

They have Vucevis, Harris, Markless and Oladipo likely in their starting line-up s what now?

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Probably attempting to trade

Probably attempting to trade or buy out veterans they don't see as helpful now or part of their future.

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Giving all the youngsters

Giving all the youngsters plenty of minutes and just letting them learn and develop. They will still prob be in the lottery next year also....

The future does look bright though in Orlando :)

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They need a PG now

Now they just need their starting point guard to move forward with. They should be able to land Bledsoe if they are willing to trade Afflalo. I would also try to move Davis to make time for Nicholson and try to get a solid backup SF. Nelson has a bit of trade value as well, his stats were solid last season so he's another trade chip to work with.

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What would you say is their

What would you say is their trade value or what would it take to acquire them in a trade? Personally, if it was my call, I'd offer one of the the warrior's expiring deal to get Davis if we don't get to resign Carl Landry

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I just read

That they're gonna try Oladipo at PG for summer league...interesting.

Not too sure what I think of that, it'll be interesting for sure.

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Ditto. Here's an interesting

Ditto. Here's an interesting take on Oladipo the PG, compared to Kevin Durant the SG in his rookie year:

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Talk of Oladipo at the point

Talk of Oladipo at the point is a joke.

If the Magic had their dreams come true they'd trade Afflalo for Bledsoe and have their PG/SG combo set for the next 5 years. Play all their young guys. Hopefully win the lotto next year and draft Wiggins to play SF.

A Bledsoe, Oladipo and Wiggins would be a great " Big 3 " to see.

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big 3

Bledsoe, Oladipo, and Wiggins big 3 would be athletic as hell

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But who's making the buckets? Bledsoe can't shoot and there's a good chance Oladipo didn't improve his offensive game that much. I wouldn't be a fan of a Bledsoe trade at all, but if it got us Wiggins then I guess I could live with it.

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Tobias Harris knows a thing

Tobias Harris knows a thing or two about getting buckets.

I think at this point the Magic just need to play it safe, and not force their hand. They have a lot of cap space and assets, so I'de just wait and see what happens. Who knows, maybe a point guard no one thought would be available before is put on the block. I would also like to see the Magic obtain a defensive minded PF/C, because neither Tobias or Nikola play great D.

I think the future of the Magic depends greatly on which young players they are going to build around. Nikola is easily going to stick around, but who's going to get the money between Tobias, Harkless, and Oladipo? I don't know about you guys, but I think all three of those guys have all-star potential, and the Magic might use one to get that point guard.

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Milsap is on the way if not

Milsap is on the way if not already there to meet with the Magic tomorrow, hope he finds a nice place to play, hoping it's just not with the Jazz , he's had his stay and it's now time to move on.

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Agree with the Bledsoe move

Normally in this situation I would say they should wait and see.... Nelson is not such a bad PG that he will hinder the development of their young players and absent big leaps from their young players, they should be a top 7 lottery pick next year. That should put them in position to draft a good PG

However, I think Bledsoe has the chops to be a good PG. I dont think that he will be a world beater his first year as a starter, but maybe by his second or third. If Afflalo is enough to get him, I would do it, but it doesn't seem like that is the case anymore

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Some thoughts about the

Some thoughts about the future that can be simplified into two words: Perimeter shooting.

This team is top 5 material for next draft. I don't think Bledsoe would be a good fit in this roster anymore.

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