Orlando Magic's pre-draft acquisition Latvian JANIS TIMMA

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Orlando Magic's pre-draft acquisition Latvian JANIS TIMMA

Very promising young talent for Orlando Latvian JANNIS TIMMA Congratulations !!

Take a look at this video :


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well.... this couldnt

well.... this couldnt possibly be a sign... Rob Hennigan sure likes to keep everyone guessing on who he'll take in the draft.

Seriously tho, could be a nice pick up. Ridnour wasnt doing anything for us long term (or short term really). this guy shot 38% or something from fiba 3pt line. kinda all around player on the wing. as long as he can stay infront of his man (small wingspan, not many steals or blocks) to not disrupt orlandos defence, he can play a couple minutes a game and spesk latvian to ease zingers transition..

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Kid better than the over

Kid better than the over hyped Mario Hezonja... So next year magic will have two Latvians?

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Magic just traded for his

Magic just traded for his rights. From what I've seen of him in the past, I'm pretty confident in saying that this guy will never play a regular season NBA game. Teams can't just trade for nothing, which essentially is what deals like this amount to, so they trade for rights to players who will likely never come over.

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