Orlando Magic Pick

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Orlando Magic Pick

I'm just curious as to why a lot of people have Kristpas Porzingis being drafted by them. I have them drafting Winslow because of the rumors of Tobias Harris leaving ORL and going to the Knicks. I'm not disagreeing with anyone here. I'm just curious. If they do draft Winslow, do you expect the Kings to draft WCS or Porzingis? And if they draft Porzingis, do you expect the Kings to draft Winslow and move Gay to the stretch four or draft WCS to pair with Cousins and help out with there defense?

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i think most people are

i think most people are picking kristaps because of his talents and potential. if tobias were to leave, i still think that aaron gordon is better suited for playing the 3 because of his size. kristaps compliments the pick of gordon well in my opinion.

i think if kristaps is off the board, sacramento goes with wcs or myles turner. personally, i like turner better because of his offensive skillset while still being a good rim protector.

i was reading hoopshype and they said payne was in for a workout and they are pretty high on them too.

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I disagree with your

I disagree with your assesement of Aaron Gordon completely, and think that having him play SF would turn him into Derrick Williams 2.0. As a SF he would have below average speed, below average shooting, ball-handling, and playmaking ability. His best bet to make it in the league would be to play in the Shawn Marion/Kenneth Farried style and just be an uber athletic 4 who's faster and more athletic than anyone in front of him. Gordon can turn into a more versatile Farried if he shyed away from trying to be the perimeter player he wants to be, and in the Magics need system with the personel they already have, that would be a great role for him.

I personally think the Magic should take Winslow because he would compliment the talent they already have, and would give them an identity which would fit with the one Scott Skiles is most likely going to bring. He's a hard worker and has the potential to be an excellent 3 in the future. I think the the Magic should also take a look at WCS, as he would be a great player to have paired with Vucevic and Gordon moving forward. The Magic to me will shape the whole draft with who they pick, so it should be very interesting to see where they go.

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Agree completely with your

Agree completely with your statement bro. Aaron Gordon would be a beast in the PF spot because he will be quicker than most PFs but he would also be able to hold it up defensively against other players with his NBA ready body.

I just can't see him cutting it at the 3 spot ever since the draft. Bad shooting and super basic handles.

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If he's paired with a stretch

If he's paired with a stretch 4, Gordon can be a major force with rebounding, interior scoring, and defense/help defense .

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I like the idea of Winslow to

I like the idea of Winslow to the Magic as they can start Payton, Oladipo and Winslow but sometimes when Payton goes to the bench they can use a bigger backcourt of Oladipo and Winslow.

Hezonja would fit that role too, but for numerours reasons the Magic probably have Winslow ahead of him in their rankings.

If the Magic did go for height and not Winslow, the Kings may look to draft and then trade Winslow, or else they would have drafted shooting guard types in three consecutive drafts. Then again, they could draft Winslow and trade Stauskas for pick 20 and find a point guard there.

Orlando will have as much cap room as New York, if they don't keep B Gordon and Ridnour, and will need to spend money so matching an offer for Harris might be something they do. Or Magic might work a sign and trade before Harris gets a big offer from New York. I don't think Orlando need to draft based on if Harris stays or goes, he is versatile and they can move around players to fit.

For one reason why people would pick Porzingis for the Magic, while WCS would bring great defense and Winslow would help the offense maybe Porzingis with his height, shot and athletic ability can do both. But he is more of an unknown.

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Orlando can't really go wrong

Orlando can't really go wrong on this draft. WCS? great defender to complement Vucevic. Porzingis could fit in well if he improves defensively,could help them space the floor. Winslow? would add a tough defender but also able to score and shoot.

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yeah it is wierd the magic

yeah it is wierd the magic have alot of pieces but they can pick any player they want in the 5 position and it be a position of need exept if they draft a small guard....if i was them i would draft porzingus becuase i think in magic they can groom him and he is the best talent available from what i hear.

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At some point the Magic have to address their major shooting needs. They also have really poor rim protection as Vucevic is not a real good shot blocker. Why not take a swing at helping both with one pick? Sure they are taking one of the riskier players but for a team that has a lot of pretty good young players, they need to take chances on finding stars. I would say Porzingis has star potential and he potentially fits two needs. He could also easily bust but it's worth a shot for a young team that will most likely have more chances inside of the lottery in upcoming seasons.

If he ends up being what scouts envision the Magic hit a home run and have a dynamic and complimentary front court with Vucevic and Porzingis and Aaron Gordon. If Porzingis doesn't work out then you go back to the drawing board next year and try and swing big again. This team is far too young to think that anyone they pick will immediately make them a winning basketball team so you have to go for elite upside, especially when it could create a perfect compliment to your current roster.

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