Only four players 6'9" or taller average 4 assists. Durant, Noah, Love, and...

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Only four players 6'9" or taller average 4 assists. Durant, Noah, Love, and...

Josh McRoberts. Who is actually 2nd in the group behind durant in assists/36 mins.

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Not many bigs get 4 assists a

Not many bigs get 4 assists a game or more. That's a good list to be on. Good to see Kevin Love up there. It feels like he was closer to 2 or 2.5 assists per game earlier in his career.

Kevin Durant is putting up freakish stats all around. In today's super sophisticated game based more on flex offenses, multiple scoring options, and a reliance on "efficiency" scoring 31 points (plus) in today's NBA would be like scoring 34 or 35 points in the early/mid Eighties. KD is on a roll.

I guess that Marc Gasol isn't on that list then. He should probably average 4 assists a game -- MINIMUM.

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Kind of surprising to see

Kind of surprising to see McRoberts with that many assists, he has to be among the most improved players in the league..

Yeah Marc Gasol would be on that list if he hadnt missed so many games..Last year Memphis was so successful running plays thru him..Opposing coaches feared his passing skills more then his rebounding,defense and scoring....

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If I'm not mistaken,

If I'm not mistaken, McRoberts has one of the highest assist to turnover ratios in the entire NBA.

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I'm an idiot. Disregard my

I'm an idiot. Disregard my previous comment.

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Not surprising really,

Not surprising really, McRoberts has always had good ast% numbers, he only had fewer minutes and touches. Always been a gifted passer since his HS days. Charlotte runs their offense through him a lot, both from the high post and the top of the key, he's probably their best playmaker, kinda similar to what happens in Chicago with Noah. The biggest surprise in his season is his jumper, he finally developed as a shooter as he was expected to earlier in his career now that everybody had probably lost hopes.

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