Is Oladipo's age legit?

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Is Oladipo's age legit?

Not hatin, just asking a question. Has anyone heard of any rumors about Oladipo being older that his reported age suggested?

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I'm sure it is he looks like

I'm sure it is he looks like a 20 year old

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I'm just gonna throw it out

I'm just gonna throw it out there. Are you questioning his age because he's Nigerian?

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He was born in the US. His

He was born in the US. His birth certificate is public information. All you'd have to do is check it.

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Why would you he would be

Why would you he would be lying about his age as well? It was completely foolish for Shabazz to do it because the information is going to come out sooner or later so anyone that does it dumb. Just curious as to why you would single out Oladipo.

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He was born in the U.S

He was born in the U.S, he has an American birth certificate therefore there shouldn't be any questions about the legitimacy of his age and please don't bring up the Muhammad situation, I seriously doubt Oladipo's parents would've gone that far considering that he wasn't being groomed/pressured into becoming a basketball star like Shabazz. If he were born in Nigeria then we could talk but a little research would've answered your question.

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