OKC vs Celtics

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OKC vs Celtics

Westbrook put the game away 2 big 3's!

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Westbrook had a rough

Westbrook had a rough December, but has settled down so far during Jan.

He's starting to look like he did during the regular season last year.

Turnovers are down... Assists and FG% going up. Let's watch the bandwagoners jump back on.

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Haven't been watching many

Haven't been watching many games this year, but why are the celtics doing so bad this year?

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They want to get Austin

They want to get Austin Rivers

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westbrook played extremely well, he was so active. The Thunder are too athletic for any team to handle!!

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The Celtics looked pretty

The Celtics looked pretty rough. Kevin Garnett looks pretty horrible. Pierce looks old and slow. If Allen isn't hitting 3s then he isn't doing much. Rondo is just running around trying to make something happen. This compressed schedule really hurts them.

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