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who are you backing ?

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ive been a Thunder fan ever

ive been a Thunder fan ever since my beloved Sonics left but to be honest, I really think the Hornets organization has done more to improve their team in the past year than Oklahoma City has...

for instance in the past year,

NOH has added to their puzzle: Trevor Ariza, Jason Smith, Jarrett Jack, Marco Belinelli, David Andersen, DJ Mbenga, Quincy Pondexter, Willie Green, and hired Monty Williams.

OKC has added: an un-ready undersized post in cole aldrich, a bench-riding shoot-first 2-guard in daequan cook, and a 4th string PG in royal ivey

the thunder havent done anything to improve which leads me to find myself supporting a team on the right path as opposed to a team struggling with complacency (okc)

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I hardly think OKC is

I hardly think OKC is struggling with complacency; when you have a team laden with young pieces who are still developing there isn't really a need to change anything in a hurry. They've gone from 8th seed in the West to 3rd already which, though only halfway through the season, is a feat in itself. The Aldrich pick was a bit of a dud it seems, but they've drafted very well in recent years regardless.

NOH did make a big leap through some decisive moves, but they were on the brink of destruction if Paul left and desperately needed to bounce back from a disappointing season to appease CP3.

I think both teams are on the right path at this stage, but OKCs future seems a lot more certain than the Hornets in my opinion.

As far as the game goes, NOH are hot right now, having just dismantled the league-leading Spurs completely, plus CP3 has shown the capacity to frustrate the efforts of opposition PGs with pressure D forcing them into turnovers and getting steals. Factor in that it's in New Orleans, and I'm calling a Hornets win, by a ten or so point margin.

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Im just interested and seeing

Im just interested and seeing the durant verses ariza match up andd westbrook vs cp3, this should be a fun game.

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