Okc up 24 at the half

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Okc up 24 at the half

This is crazy lol.. Never thought they would close out the Spurs in 6.. What impresses me is the improvement im seeing from OKCs defense.. They are locked in right now.. Unfortunately for the Spurs I dont think they will win this game.. They have no momentum, the ball is not moving and OKC is on fire..

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And my friend was trying to

And my friend was trying to tell me okc would get swept before series started.

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I thought it

I thought it would be 6 the other way around, but i knew okc still had a chance. Still all in all this is very impressive and OKC looks composed in maintaining leads too. Against the Warriors I can definitely see them going to 6 maybe even 7 if they keep this momentum but they most likely won't win. But hey, if any team has a chance to do it, of course the one with twop top 5 players in the nba do.

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They say never bet against

They say never bet against the team w the best player.... well okc has the best 2

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