OK Guys and Gals, It's ZION TIME!!!

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OK Guys and Gals, It's ZION TIME!!!

Tonight is the debut of Zion Williamson, probably the most anticipated college debut in recent times. We all know that Zion is a polarizing prospect- is he the next LJ, th enext Barkley, or the next Anthony Bennett- but however you project him you know you will be watching tonight.

One of the biggest knocks on Zion has been the decided lack of comp he faced in HS. Well, tonight he plays his first college game, and against Kentucky no less. What are you all looking for from him tonight? Personally, I just want to see him prove he belongs on the court against longer, taller front-court players. I don't expect 20 and 10, but want to see him finish over elite length a few times and play strong D against taller guys.

Regardless of what happens, I will be several drinks in as this game gets going! Enjoy guys!!

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As a Kentucky fan I’ve been

As a Kentucky fan I’ve been looking forward to his matchup with PJ Washington for a while. We’ve got a lot of strength with guys like PJ and Travis and length with guys like Richards and Montgomery, so I’ll be curious to see how Zion will go at us at the rim

Along with that, look for the Keldon-RJ matchup. Keldon made sure he was the one guarding RJ at the end of the McDonald’s game and got some key defensive stops on him so they’ll be wanting to go at each other

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I think he struggles

I think he struggles tonight...First big game on national TV..but I think he'll be ok as the season goes along.

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What position will Zion play

What position will Zion play in the NBA?

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After watching him play (a

After watching him play (a lot) it looks like he will be one of those players that can play in several different lineups.
As long as there is a main ball handler, a big and a floor spacer (of any height) I think he'll fit in.
His intangibles and IQ are just that good.

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