Ojeleye to SMU

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Ojeleye to SMU

Just saw a link to an article on this site saying the Duke transfer will go to SMU and have 2 and 1/2 years of elgibility left.

My question is why all these high major transfers go to other high major teams?

Gbinije went from Duke to Cuse, Purvis went from NCST to UCONN and many other examples. It just would make sense to me to be more sure of using your remaining elgibility on the court instead of on the bench. In most of these cases players go to teams where they STILL arn't a major factor. (Gbinije was clearly behind Fair and Grant and Purvis, if he were eligible, would be clearly behind Napier and Boatright)

I know these guys are sometimes former MCAA and have pride/confidence, but why not go to a state school, mid major type and be a stud? Larry Brown almost landed Mudiay, who knows what stud freshman wing he might land in the future.

The only person who got to transfer from a top ten team to another top ten team and get to play a major role (that I can think of off the top of my head) would be Kyle Wiljier, but that's because the WCC is a weaker conference, even with the SEC being down this year.

So what I'm wondering is why players (in heneral- not specifically Ojeleye) choose to transfer into support cast positions at their new school?

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People don't want to barely make the tournament and lose on the first weekend. They choose a school that normally contend and that they know they can compete for minutes. And some extent they want to be in the NBA. They know if they stay at a high major schools they will get a better look than if the went to a mid major.

I'm about to give you an examplr. Miami got two transfers from Kansas State and from Texas, both players chose to go there because they knew they would play and that they can make Andre tournament run. People choose Iowa State for the same reason. They can contend for championships and they can get big minutes.

Semi Ojeleye chose SMU because they turned the program around to become a tournament team, he can play big minutes next year, and he can be a focal point of the offense.

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If players are looking for

If players are looking for individual exposure than going from a high major to a mid major would make sense (aka Ryan Harrow), but there´s likely less risk to get more exposure just playing for a contender

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