The Office

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The Office

It's about to come on. You fellas watch?

I May Be Wrong
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HUGE Office fan ever since

HUGE Office fan ever since season 1... I have to admit, much like your Grandpa name, it is time to PULL THE PLUG!

I like Andy Bernard but Michael Scott made that show. It's been losing momentum for some seasons and I really don;'t like Robert California. Might as well call it ends. Parks and Rec is MUCH better BTW ;-)

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Love that show! Seen every

Love that show! Seen every episode and I agree with everything I May Be Wrong said.

That show is done, it had a great run but Michael Scott was the heart of that show and I hate Robert California too. The way he got his job, the way he acts, the way everyone is intimidated by him -- everything!

Parks and Rec is a great show! It's really hitting it's stride and is now a better show than The Office

Pam has gotten sort of snobby and annoying instead of being her joyful self. Creed and Stanley hardly have their moments anymore. Phyllis and Oscar who? They tried too hard in this season to make the show all about Andy and Robert California that they lost all the other characters in the mix.

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