Oden to Cavs or Miami

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Oden to Cavs or Miami


Oden hasnt played in over 2 years and its been reported that he will try to make a comeback at some point this season. This is stating that he will be ready at the start of next season and is leaning towards Cleveland or Miami. After all these injuries he will be a huge risk and will only be a shell of his former self.

If youre Miami, you can offer a minimum contract, around $1.5mil per season. If youre Oden, do you take the minimum and jump on a championship team to make a run at a ring with no risk on Miami's part?

If youre Cleveland, you can offer $4mil. Do you see a big payoff with adding this off injured player to a young squad in the rebuilding stage that already has problems keeping their current big guy healthy? Oden certainly has a lot of ties to Ohio and could pick Cleveland based on the fact he'll get more money and be closer to home.

Who would you rather see him on and do you think he'll be worth the risk this time around again from a financial standpoint for either team?

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They need to invent some special shoes for Greg Oden. One of his legs is longer than the other, which puts stress on his legs when he lands.

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Cavs if this season

If he does come back this season I would rather see him on a Team where he can get more playing time and have less preasure to produce - how about Charlotte? Absolutely no preasure there.

On the flip side, in Miami his major body of work would happen on the practice floor with some high calibre team mates. So it is really hard to say what would be better for him. But since they don't broadcast practices, we would have more of a chance to see him play with the Cavs.

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Miami duh

Everyone takes their talent to south beach nowadays lol

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Between the two he should go

Between the two he should go to Miami for the fact that the warm weather will keep his knees from aching. Anyone who's had knee problems knows what it's like in the morning when it's cold out.

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He should honestly go to

He should honestly go to whoever offers him the most money. There is a good chance he never plays again so if the Cavs offer him 4mil to Miamis 1.5? That is a no brainer imo. I loved Oden coming out of highschool and college and wish him the best of luck, but he needs to take that money.

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Oden is very familiar with

Oden is very familiar with Ohio, so I could see him picking the Cavs, plus they're offering more money.

I think Cleveland doesn't put as much pressure on his shoulders either. It's championship or bust for Miami. That's a situation he's not ready for.

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He really should go to the

He really should go to the Suns where Aaron Nelson can work miracles.

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Before I believe it

How reliable is the source? I mean.. how is it that this guy Jeff Goodman has come to the conclusion that Miami and the Cavs are front runners? You could quite easily make that up considering the contending Heat have a hole at center and Oden is familiar with Ohio.

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I know it won't happen, but I

I know it won't happen, but I say go to Phoenix. Their medical staff does wonders, just ask Steve Nash, Grant Hill, and Shaq, and they should be able to offer him a good amount of money.

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He def should sign with Miami

He def should sign with Miami because he'll have less pressure to produce, but above all else he;ll be in a first class organization with a winning team first mentality and the excitement and buzz will do wonders for his recovery process.

If the mentality and work they put in down in Miami can get Eddy Curry motivated to loss weight then they can def motivate Oden extra to get back on the floor. I understand Oden has a serious condition but still mind over matter will do wonders for a person's physical condition. And the best part is Oden is exactly what the DR ordered down in Miami and can be a huge XFactor come playoff time.

Going down to Miami for a year or 2 and prooving to be healthy and winning will also allow him to get a bigger contract.

I wouldn't suggest he goes to a team that isn't in the playoff hunt and isn't winning because it might feel like all for nothing while he is rehabbing to come back, he needs to go somewhere right now and be apart of something special.

And Oden will not be a shell of himself when he comes back as long as he's healthy, he'll won't have the same athleticism but he'll still be more mobile and stronger then most big men. His quick twitch muscle fibers didn't go anywhere he just hasn't been allowed to use them. If healthy he is still a guy that can get a double double and 2 blocks a game.

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How does warm weather, buzz

How does warm weather, buzz and excitement prevent someone from blowing out or shattering their knee??

If Cleveland is offering him $4.5million to Miami's $1.5million, that answer is simple- he should chose Cleveland. The guy has only played in 82 games his entire career, he shouldn't be worried about winning championships, he should be try to get paid. Any injury with this guy has the potential to be his last and end his career.

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i'd like oden to go to

i'd like oden to go to miami... i think it would be great for both sides for multiple reasons

-if oden can play pain free he can improve the heat's interior d
-oden will learn from the best on what it takes to have a long nba career
-it won't hurt if miami tries to see what oden has... i mean come on, they signed chris anderson so why not take a gamble and see what oden can do
-oden won't be relied upon heavily.. taking the pressure off him
-oden has a chance to have mourning as a mentor to show him the ropes for a big man

it would be fun to see him as a cav and developing with irving but i like his situation in miami better

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Greg could look to take the

Greg could look to take the money with Cleveland but with Thompson now looking fairly set at PF, he'd be competing Tyler Zeller and a returning Varejao for minutes next season plus they could well draft another big this summer. From a playing point of view, Miami would make so much sense, he need not play every game when they want a smaller line up but could be used against the bigger teams. He'd just effectively need to defend the paint and they would feed him baskets in return and with the big 3, he always had a good basketball IQ so would link up well and might get free shots with the big 3 well marked.

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Cavs are the better choice...if anything but

The less minutes, the better, this guy is a walking disaster, he posts solid numbers in the minimal time he has even played but is it worth 4.5 million to spend on a guy whose more then likely not going to last? He has been in and out with several surgeries and has come back every time to re injure himself, I don't think hes even worth the gamble at this point. Has all the talent, just cant stay healthy long enough to use it.

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