Number 4 Should Be Greg

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Number 4 Should Be Greg

I believe Greg Monroe should be the number 4 pick in the 2010 draft. I do not believe that you should take a player that matches your staring line-up. You should pick quality not quanity because if you didn't you would take all Centers(Memphis) or all point gaurds (Minnesota) and as long as you trade, you'll have a strong franchise. Look all I'm saying is three big men on one team can have plenty of minutes to play. If the T-Wolves picked G. Monroe they could trade him and he would do no harm (if you played him). If you have him you could trade him for a quality swing man like Prince from Detroit or Gay from Memphis. Is Greg Monroe good enough to be the number fourth pick in the 2010 draft yes. Does he fit the But thats what a GM's job is, tune in tomorrow when I unlease my new Mock Draft that will shock the world.

the I in win
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The big problem in Minnisota

The big problem in Minnisota right now is the fact that they have 2 PF's that can't much play C and play a little soft, and they aren't shot blockers. So you suggesting that they make their biggest problem bigger? Or they can fill a glaring need of a scoring wing that can spread the court aka Wesley Johnson.

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I agree with the I in win

I agree with the I in win they need a guy like Wes Johnson on their team, he fits a dire need and is a good player with scoring and athletic ability.

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