!Now or never! Break-Out Candidates...Potential vs. Minutes

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!Now or never! Break-Out Candidates...Potential vs. Minutes

Like every year there are a bunch of players (the same players) on my Break-Out candidate list,... but like every year they don`t get minutes.... what is wrong with ...

Rodrigue Beaubois, PG/SG

I assume he could easily produce 15 ppg, 5-6 ass, 4-5 reb, 1,5 st and a block per game, if he get´s minutes,...but in Dallas he only get 10 min,....

Anthony Randolph,... PF/SF

In several starts he filled the boxscore like no other (15ppg, 8-10 reb, 2 a, 2 bl, 1st,), but he only gets 8 minutes in Denver,...
Could at least be as good as Brendan Wright or A`. Blatche,...

Austin Daye, SF

Could go for 13ppg, 7 reb, 1 bl, 1 st, ass, and some 3s) but plays only 11 min in Detroit

Best case: could be a T. Prince clone but not with 11 min and 4 similar players on roster...(Prince, Vilanueva, Jonas, Daye,

Wilson Chandler SF,

played very good for the Knicks, but since China he only plays 16 minutes and brings 7ppg and 5 reb,...(think he could get easy 17 / 7, 2, 2bl, 2st)...

Xavier Henry, SG/SF

I think he could become the player Martell Webster would be without the injuries, a Jim Jackson type of player, but... (okay he is only 21 years young)

Earl Clark, SF

best case a player like Marvin Williams (with better defence) => a decent starting Forward and No 3 or 4 - scoring option on a team,... but with 4 minutes with the Lakers I think he should be traded to Toronto or so to produce....

Who is on your list?

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I would say Reggie Evans,

I would say Reggie Evans, MarShon Brooks, Cartier Martin, Chris Copeland and also Eric Bledsoe. I would also go with Wilson Chandler.

But what's the point? 99.9% of players will put better stats if they get more minutes, if they get less minutes there is several reasons no?

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