Not confident in the Spurs

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Not confident in the Spurs

When Russell Westbrook went down I was all but 100% sure that San Antonio would be in the finals. I just didnt see another team in the west at the time that would compete and beat the spurs in 7. But after seeing how the grizzlies have looked over the last 2 weeks and watching the spurs more throughout the playoffs I'm not longer confident that they reach the finals. I think 1 of their main issues has been Manu ginobili. I know he's coming back off an injury but he's been just as inconsistent as JR smith this postseason. I'm talking about taking bad shots, turnovers and all. Another thing I'm noticing is that teams are really starting to go at Tony Parker and expose him As a below average defender. And the "system players" like Danny green and Gary Neal have just been very average. This spurs warriors series has been very entertaining and maybe things will change but I don't think I'm putting as much confidence as I once had in coach pop and the spurs

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Everybody hop on...

The Bandwagoners! They are just coming out of the woodwork!

As a Spurs fan, this isn't new. Fans always latch on to teams that can beat us. Been that way since '97.

Still, there's no denying that Golden State has been on fire this series, Curry and Thompson, when they're hitting shots, have been the best backcourt in the league. Still, 2 below average games is no reason to write a team off, especially so soon. After stomping an easy opponent (sorry), there's bound to be a few "regression to the mean" games in store. A series in the playoffs can change very quickly. Just look at the Clippers-Grizzlies series. It remains to be seen how the rest of the series goes, but I'll stick to my original predictions.

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I thought the Spurs or

I thought the Spurs or Grizzlies would have the best chance of beating the HEAT, but I had OKC coming out of the West and losing to the HEAT again. It really seems wide open now, but with the way the Spurs are playing I would not be a bit surprised to see a Warriors/Grizzlies conference finals.

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