Nobody is talking about Donovan Mitchell

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Nobody is talking about Donovan Mitchell

Dude is averaging 16 points a game and just dropped 41 against the Pelicans in a close game. He looks like the real deal. He's got a great looking shot, he's quick, and strong and explosive around the basketball. He's already devastating in the pick and roll-- super comfortable pulling up off the dribble if given space, and great at attacking the big man on a switch.

Is he going to be the best point guard out of last year's draft? He skill set is pretty similar to Dennis Smith Jr. Who do you guys like long run?

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man I really like his game

man I really like his game and think he is very good already. I once said he plays like Ben Gordon on offense (more bounce I know) but more of a bulldog on D and that he will be in the rookie ladder top 10 from the beginning and right now I have him right behind Simmons.

My main concern is he isn’t really a PG to me and more in the CJ McCollum type of secondary ball handler. Personally I think his size is okay for the 2 since he is very strong and has bounce but I‘m not so sure if he really works out with what the Jazz have to offer in Rubio or Exum if he ever gets healthy and comes along.

Rubio might actually work out but this brings us to another problem which means if you start both Ricky and Mitchell, Hood has to play the 3 and is way better as a 2. So either they start and develop Mitchell as a PG and Hood as the 2 or they need to be creative with all of their other PG on the roster.

But hey Mitchell the future looks very bright for him and the Jazz and I wish my Thunder would have a guy like him. Great player and plays with a lot of energy, passion and an edge.

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Have you watched the last four games?

The most impressive thing about Mitchell is how quickly he learns. The last four games he has run the pg better than anyone on the team including Rubio. He has made a lot of great reads and some amazing passes. He is absolutely a full time ball guard. He is already the focal point of the offense (and before you say yeah but it is the Jazz) they rate #1 offensively in the league over the last five games. Small sample size, but watching the game, you know he can get by anyone, can hit 6 threes in any given game (beautiful release, great balance, surprising when it does not go in.), he is a freak athlete as his dunks and blocks, and out of area rebounds attest.

Most importantly he has a positive impact on winning even when he is not scoring efficiently.

He is better than we think..still.

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I love Mitchell because he

I love Mitchell because he takes pride in playing defense - which is rare these days. He's really fun to watch on both sides of the ball. Makes me wish the Bucks would've traded up for him.

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I could see him developing

I could see him developing into a better version of Avery Bradley

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By that do you mean Victor

By that do you mean Victor Oladipo???

I see so many similarities in their games.

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Sure Dipo is improving, but

Sure Dipo is improving, but he isn't a better version of Bradley. Bradley is a slightly better shooter and a much better defender.

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Love his game, he reminds me

Love his game, he reminds me of a more athletic Joe Dumars. He loves to play defense and can score. Jazz have to look at the Rubio dynamic and if they fit or not because Mitchell is ready to ball.

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I wouldn't say no one is

I wouldn't say no one is talking about him ... a few days ago I was checking the box scores and I actually said "Holy shit, Donovan Mitchell" out loud to my cat.

I haven't really seen the Jazz play but just from looking at the stats it seems like he's become the go-to guy on offense since Hood and Gobert got hurt, and that also coincides with their win streak.

The first-team all-rookie backcourt, as of now, is Simmons and Mitchell without any hesitation, right?

Interesting that of the four super-hyped rookie PGs -- Fultz, Ball, Fox and Smith -- none of them may make the all-rookie team.

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He's more of a SG then a

He's more of a SG then a PG..but dude got game.

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He is more of a scoring pg

He is more of a Lilliard, Curry, Harden than a John Stockton, but he is an excellent passer so I say offensively his is more of a pg, but could play off the ball too. Defensively he guards three positions very well.

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I will confess I wasn't

I will confess I wasn't really high on him as a prospect. We knew he could play defence but no way did I think he would score 16ppg as a rookie !!!

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I wrote during the Summer

I wrote during the Summer League that he was gonna have a good year, though I didn't expect him to be dropping 20 regularly. Of all the things he's done well, his ability to play off the p&r has stood out. He looks tailor made for the pro game. And, today's NBA is in a unique spot in that designated positions aren't as important as they once were, but he's definitely not a PG, even one in the Lillard/Curry mold. He's a 2 that can combo. Kid's a stud.

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