No Way Out for Lebron

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No Way Out for Lebron

With the Nets out of the picture it's seems to me LeBron has no choice but to try and win the old fashion way, getting better as a team. The Cavs will try and get Amare, and have a powerful front court of Lebron Amare and Shaq. As for the other teams...

Chicago- I thought Joakim Noah made it clear he has no respect for Lebron and his dancing. Furthermore that team wouldn't make it out the 2nd round.

Miami- They can't win either unless he brings Shaq.

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Why is NJ out of the picture??

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Why are the Nets out of the

Why are the Nets out of the picture now? Because they won't get Wall?

Lets say they draft Favors at #3, lets see what they do have:

A point who can score, defend and doesn't need the ball in his hands all the time - Devin Harris
A shooting guard who can spread the floor with his shooting and defend - Courtney Lee
A young swingman with an all-around game who can pass, defend and rebound - Terrence Williams
A big who can spread the floor with his shooting range and open up the lane for James - Yi Yianlian
A PF with length and athleticism who looks like he could be a very good defender - Derrick Favors
A franchise center with the size to defend and the ability to average 20-10-2 - Brook Lopez

Even without Wall the Nets have some very nice pieces in place and as it happens most of their nucleus seem like they would compliment James' game to perfection.

I really don't see how the Nets would be out of the picture by any means...

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ItsDwightHoward on the Nets

That was an interesting player analysis. However, if you remove Favors from that equation, that's the same exact team that could barely win a game last season. In fact, they were blown out almost every night.

The question you have to ask is adding D. Favors to the mix next year, his rookie season, going to make a difference. My answer to that question is probably a no. I think Favors will become an outstanding player once he's been in the league 2-3 years. But expecting him to turn around the Nets next year is unrealistic.

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Let me cover my bases a lil

Let me cover my bases a lil bit. I don't think Favors will turn around the Nets this year and like you said I think he is at least 2 years away from being a big contributer.

I do think that the Nets are nowhere near as bad as their record suggests. When healthy they have some nice pieces in place. Also most of those players (Lopez, Lee, Williams and Jianlian) are still very young and should improve next season. Without adding any big name free agents I think they are capable of fighting for the last playoff spot in the East in 2010-2011.

James would be the big difference maker in turning this team around. I think with James they will around 50 games in 2011 and be championship contender by 2012.

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Lebron has a ton of options

Lebron has a ton of options ... nets definately have some nice players ... the bulls have a better supporting cast right now then lebron ever had in cleveland and he's gotten them out of the second round ... how exactly do the cavs acquire stoudemire? ... and shaq is not the answer in cleveland or miami!!!!!!

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i like what was said about

i like what was said about nj. i think that team without anyone is within 3 games of .500 basketball. i think nj is the most likely spot other than cleveland that lebron ends up. the only team that would make other than those 2 is the clippers, but they are a question mark as well. but nj has the point guard and the center that lebron never had and favors would look good catching lobs from lebron and co(assuming nj takes favors of course).

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Let's not forget they would

Let's not forget they would still have like 15mil in cap room if they signed lebron, had a GM for a coach last year and now have a new owner who seems to be hell bent on building a championship franchise.

Am I the only one who thinks the tandom of LBJ/Favours/Harris would be better then LBJ/Wall/Yi or unknown. Watching LBJ this year you could see how much he loved using JJ Hickson's length and athletisicm to get him easy baskets. Favours is that plus a whole bunch more. Them in transition and on the pick and roll could be dirty. Also Wall may have more potential then Harris, but it could take a few years for him to get to that point. Harris has averaged over 20 points a game and has been an allstar, and with the lack of teams looking for a pg the value they could have gotten back for him may not have been great. And don't say LBJ/Harris/Wall could have played together because thats 3 guys who like having the ball and someone would have gone severelly under utilizted, and neither guard can hit a 3 with consistancy.

Weather or not Lebron sees things the same as me is another question =).

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Good Point Guard
Good Defender
Franchise Center
#3 Pick

Seems like a fit for a superstar

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